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Techleads meetings: Mondays 5pm UTC and Thursdays 9:30am UTC


Talk over the tracking of requirements and work items via TR blueprints, blueprints and Launchpad.


  • James Westby
  • Jamie Bennett
  • Alexander Sack
  • Christian Reis
  • Matt Waddel



  • Problems
    1. Creating duplicate requirements when TR maps directly to implementation
    2. Having to create all the TRs under linaro; it makes it harder to schedule for UDS under tracks?
    3. UDS session scheduling relies on the name of the blueprint, which removes some of our flexibility
    4. Use dependencies to locate blueprints that implement TRs; this complicates finding out exactly what series a blueprint is for, which isn't encoded in its URL.
      • Kinda an implementation detail
  • First problem is the major one.
  • Only really two options; either the TR holds work items or it doesn't, so either we allow people to do that or we make people think that their TRs and blueprints are actually different things (i.e. TR is the problem, blueprint is a solution)
  • Third option is to do nothing, yay
  • Options in more detail:
    • 1. Remove restriction and allow TRs to be
      • a) scheduled for UDS and
      • b) contain work items and other implementation gibberish
      • Question: where should the TR be filed?
        • Options:
          • 1. Keep "linaro"
            • Downside: TRs will contain implementation details but not be filed against the right project; code and specification live in different places
          • 2. Use a real project
            • Downside: it's no longer possible to locate all TRs in a single project blueprint listing
            • Downside: it's no longer possible to find TRs at all through that listing
              • Could find them via dependencies, using a single meta-TR-11.11 blueprint.
              • Could find them via a team subscription, using something like team "linaro-11.11-tr-wranglers"
              • Could find them via a set of configured project+series, but no web listing of them, hard to confirm they make sense
        • Question: how would UDS scheduling work?
          • We nominate blueprints to UDS; just nominate and that's it
          • Naming of the blueprint would need to be carefully done if you want to have the linaro logo and be in the right track
        • Overall consequences:
          • Work items will need to be tracked, code must be changed - Interacts badly with the UDS session scheduling
          • May complicate configuration depending on how we solve problems 2 and 3
    • 2. Education: make sure TRs are actual TRs: problem descriptions, not implementation strategies. That would not fix the problem of having two blueprints for a TR with only one dependency, but it would serve to
      • a) remove the mindless duplication and
      • b) teach leads about the differences in abstraction level
      • Alexander: maybe we could make the TR more useful; having specific metadata there that we parsed specially and made the content richer. Maybe, but it's a bit of an artificial solution: why does this make the duplication more acceptable.
  • Blueprint naming
  • Do we make the actual TR less useful if we put content (work items, etc) in its whiteboard?
    • Dependency graph gets harder to read; scrolls away
    • However, it's unlikely that a TR that has work items would really have a dependency graph
  • James concerned with scheduler changes this late in the cycle; any change to the naming scheme may break the scheduler completely
    • Redesign long overdue but nobody interested in taking a second mortage on their house to fix it

Actions from this meeting

  • James to briefly consider the code changes required to fix this
  • Matt and Joey to talk about possible means of education
    • Reviewing TRs and blueprints with each tech lead individually; 3-4 calls per week, twice for each lead
    • Would have to be done before UDS; around TR filing time and blueprint encoding time
  • Jamie to share this link with tech leads so they can consider the problem and the solutions

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