Developer Platform

  • Green

Project management

  • Spent time with project managers and mentoring
    • Walked through beginning to end of status tracking tool
  • Meeting with Rob, Stephen, George

Toolchain WG

  • x86-64 failure in release
  • nailing gdb bugs
  • perf investigation continues
  • qemu will be an official Linaro Component with monthly releases
  • qemu A9 verification handed off and will start
  • Ramana taking on WG role
  • wifi in Ballroom B is flaky


  • l-m-c now entirely in Python and testable
    • board-specific stuff is refactored
    • unit-tested
    • more cleanup coming through
  • EC2 build system progress, but not sure what yet

Multimedia WG

  • Still kinda stuck on DS-5; one eval license working
    • License error
    • John Rigby gave help but still stuck
  • JPEG optimizations; profiled on different boards
    • Vary a lot according to platform
  • account creation for MMWG
  • Getting boards setup and so on

Kernel WG

  • device-tree port started on samsung
  • Patches posted for storage performance
    • Per F. nailed tons of work items
    • More going on tomorrow
  • RCU bug found by Russell, will be worked on

Graphics WG

  • Compiz blueprints looking better
  • Yet another meeting about NUX and its architecture
  • New starters past the basic issues and actually getting their work started
  • Call with ARM scheduled around Mali work


  • Discussions on hotplug policy with local TI engineers
  • Torez started off installing test harness from Paul on a board and setting up VCS repo for tests to integrate
  • Powerdebug cleanup and ready for release into
    • Plan on doing a release of it as well; ask Michael how it's done if you're curious


  • Toolchain work was deferred to tomorrow (gcc-linaro regressions)
  • Android trees created; patches collected
  • Enablement work in Android is /very/ hard; lots of reworking necessary
    • Infrastructure needs to be improved to make things better


  • Worked on Lava deployment code (from master to slaves)
  • Zyga working with Spring on Python
  • Mirsad has a stab at device registree; checking in junk branches of it

Work Item Tracking

  • Proposal to use bugs instead of whiteboards (change the recommended way to track work items)
    • Obtaining more granular time estimates; have a better handle on how big items are
    • Descriptions and comments per work items; more metadata per data
    • Launchpad bug searching and reporting
  • We could run a cheap pilot to try it out
    • Use new blueprints
  • Robert Collins has a proposal to replace whiteboard with new system
  • Alexander: Just Ubuntu or Linaro too?
  • Steve L: Can we refine estimates later?
  • Decision:
    • Will run two pilots: TCWG and PI
    • Michael Hope likes having absolute numbers; storypoints won't get that thing
    • Simple whiteboard extension to add estimates
  • Michael: getting a linter would be nice
  • James: are we okay with abandoning whiteboards? No, we're not, unless it's easy and fast to use

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