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  • ARM would like to get DS-5 into platform developer builds
    • PPA for ARM stubs
    • PPA for x86 Eclipse side

Toolchain WG

  • Good day, wrapping up now on gcc optimization plan locked down
    • Decided to focus on A9 improvements
    • Extensive benchmarking to identify regressions
  • Peter good conversations on qemu with Kernel WG and Ubuntu teams
  • Ken verifying perf on A9; quite a few bits missing
    • oprofile actually better
    • ACTION: introduce Will D. to Ken and get understanding on what the gaps are

Multimedia WG

  • Finalized camerabin plan
  • Good pulseaudio breakthrough; Kurt managed to get it working
  • Received DS-5 installation from ARM, but having difficulty
    • ACTION: John Rigby to help Sachin out
  • Discussion with PMWG on SMP
    • Should we have multithreaded codec and use both cores?
    • Preference for single core since it will be more power-efficient
    • VP8 may require multicore decoding; audio is fine
  • Michael H helped out with graphing of performance for system metrics app
    • Visualization of perf data and performance information from gstreamer
    • PMWG interest in this tool
    • ACTION: wikipage to describe this
  • Missing power outlets; Kiko says use the tables to right!

Graphics WG

  • Compiz and NUX conversation to agree on targets; have a plan
  • Good discussions around upstreaming driver layers
    • Not all of it clear positive outcomes
    • Now have an idea of how to proceed on Thursday
  • New starters hooked up with Matt W.
  • DRI/DRM spec need reinforced
    • Need to define what the stack looks like; what the components should be
    • 1MB of source code
  • Have what is necessary for repos to be setup in
  • Compiz and copyright assignment for assignment; talk to Stephen Doel about it
  • ACTION: Samsung assignees are still not on IRC; Korea and India

Steve Langasek

  • Good conversation with server team; will provide qemu ARM source for Natty
  • Worked out with Ubuntu kernel team OMAP3 build plan; working out security handoff
  • Reviewing more MeeGo packages; interesting service integration problems

  • With the monitor nailed Beagle startup issues
  • Landing Team integration issues


  • Went over work items from assignees; checked
  • 2 new blueprints:
    • QA tracking; integration with abrek and Validation infrastructure
    • Userspace policies: how would a userspace power management engine use this (Steve J.)
  • Document cross-SoC PM architecture; go over iterations; identify interfaces
    • Would like to post at end of week
    • Need to start talking about policy next for freq scaling and idle management
  • powerdebug packaging; taken over by Amit
  • MMWG conversation
  • PM discussion to try out new tracking model for newer blueprints


  • Salgado killed l-m-c; finished Python port
  • Michael working on EC2 Android build setup
    • Need to think about mirroring next
  • Mentor meeting; good input into things that they can help with
  • Work item tracking; PM team continue to be overjoyed with WIT changes
    • TSC preview next and then we can kick it
  • Patch metrics and bug metrics
    • ACTION: Probably get PMs to provide with a plan


  • ChromeOS: spm built a ChromeOS build today
  • Getting EC2 accounts setup; can grant accounts to all
  • Got ChromeOS plan reviewed; still not sure about what to do


  • Andrew Stubbs working on Android toolchain
  • Split up work today
    • One group looking at Android patches for Beagle on Linaro kernel
    • 0xlab working on getting panda
    • ACTION: talk to Paul M. about Android kernel patch
  • Will be committing people to Linaro community full-time


  • Peter M. talked to plars about qemu validation blueprint; now they both know about it and Validation is taking it over
  • Implementation details worked out in job dispatcher; worried about skills gap
    • Should try pair programming this week
  • Zyga working with Michael Hope to pull benchmarking results into dashboard
    • Figured out what graphing solution he'd like to use
  • Considered generating autotest images
  • ACTION: Investigate

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