Kernel WG

  • Good progress on SD-MMC Work
  • Device Tree porting started
  • GPU discussion with Graphics WG

Multimedia WG

  • Finalized work plan for this week
  • Rob/Sachin on establishing camerabin properties
  • Tools to support NEON work
    • Discussed Powertop/Powerdebug with PMWG
  • Pulseaudio buffer management work underway
    • Nokia has worked on this before; failed upstreaming project
  • ACTION: Arrange session with PMWG on Power Consumption and KWG on Memory Management
  • ACTION: Need Monitor
  • ACTION: Need A9 board
  • Personnel
    • Missing one person for tomorrow
    • Freescale swap for Jian Li


  • Defined work for the week; working on implementation details
  • Stagecoach handed over to Paul; wants to put it into validation lab for test building (only one serial means you can't check the others)
  • Amit found device to measure power consumption; checking via serial output


  • 0xlab and OESF introduction; 0xbench
  • Established Goals for the week
    • Android build with toolchain going
    • Beagle build
    • ACTION: some Pandaboards would be nice


  • Discussions around Mali upstreaming efforts; code needs work
  • Breaking down work items for Compiz and upstreaming blueprints
  • Samsung assignee delayed
  • Alexandros' compositing benchmark utility going
  • Jammy waiting on packaging
    • ACTION: ARM-enabled PPA required
  • 2 Pandaboards required


  • qemu for l-m-c, Ubuntu
  • Work item transition
    • Andrew and Chung-Lin to continue on gcc work
    • Ulrich to pick up gdb work
    • libunwind and ltrace over to Ken Werner
    • Rumana kicked off NewStaffTasks

  • gcc performance brainstorm performance tomorrow
  • ACTION: probably want 3 Pandaboards

Developer Platform

  • Porting Plan tools requirements being fleshed out
    • Will coordinate with Ubuntu ARM team next
  • xdeb presented to jcrigby; found xdeb bug in dependency graphing
    • ACTION? xdeb presentation and training
    • ACTION: wiki documentation needs cleanup
  • MeeGo packaging underway with Tom and Kunal

    • Toolchain PPA
  • Needs a switch for Lone Star III
  • Needs a monitor


  • Giving Matt W. support
    • Loïc provided hardware
    • ACTION? Invitations to new mentors from different tech leads
    • ACTION? Open source mentoring; Paul M. to help out
  • Need to define Dallas
  • Work item tracking looks like it's going in the right direction
  • OCTO: Server, ChromeOS and Android; spm set up to work with Linaro


  • Responsible for Canonical IS contact
  • Android build infrastructure put in place by end of the week
    • EC2 and toolchain integration next
  • Project management demo and longer-term changes to tracking
    • Wednesday 18:00
  • ACTION? would benefit from Android expertise


  • See next day's minutes

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