• Anmar
  • David Rusling
  • Scott
  • Jamie Bennett
  • Alexander
  • Kiko
  • Jesse
  • Lee Jones
  • Loïc
  • Michael Hope
  • Paul Larson
  • Steve Langasek
  • Stephen Doel


  • Weekly image testing commitment from tech leads - Jamie.


Actions from December 12th

  • Reporting for TSC F2C: Jamie reports that James is confident this will be ready for next week


  • Weekly image testing commitment from tech leads
    • Tech leads could nominate someone to check images
    • Could be a rotation
    • Need to maintain good test coverage though
    • Automated testing?
      • Can't automate everything though
    • In any case, need somebody to do it
    • Perhaps we need an owner for each image
    • Need to have WG folks involved
    • Make it clear that this is in complement to automated testing
    • Different setup in Ubuntu: dedicated QA folks, but also much more diverse hardware to test on
    • Conlusion: do rotations for now, see how it goes
    • ACTION Jamie to organize discussion at the sprint
  • Meeting rooms at sprint
    • 2 big rooms (one being half the plenary) and a break out room (Lonestar III)
    • Make sure you add your event to the calendar Linaro Meeting Rooms
  • Need to plan venue capacity better in the future; planning is happening well in advance, so we should communicate expected number of attendees to Marianna for Linaro@UDS and next sprint as soon as possible (6m+ ahead)
  • ACTION Kiko to send email explaining how days are scheduled at a sprint
    • Communicate on plenaries
  • Jesse will run a plenary on ARM Graphics on Wednesday; ~10mn
  • Roger will run a plenary
  • Michael wants to run a team brainstorm with external attendees
    • ACTION Michael to check with Marianna to get a phone entry point
  • Tech leads need to present 3 slides each about majors topics/items of their team; opportunity for the TSC to ask questions

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