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  • ACTION: asac draft a plan for QA of opensource software on ARM
    • -> call with steve/lool/asac scheduled on thursday

  • ACTION: Kiko to talk to Fred S. to figure out the details of the position then send it to requesting the position to be added

    • -> booked a call; wants to report back next call; carry forward

  • ACTION Asac to setup a call with Mike, rasterman and Loic to discuss upstart vs. systemd
    • -> scheduling call in progress. hard to find time that also would allow steve (west coast) to attend.

  • ACTION Alexander to start a new wiki page for the Android effort
  • ACTION: david to reset expectations with ben/arm; propose our approach to ARM; use OUR toolchain rather than 4.3
    • -> DONE


  • hardware validation setup (asac)
  • david/patrik: making sure that code is still get upstreamed for android
  • 10.11 reports


  • david/patrik: making sure that code is still get upstreamed for android
    • should be handled like landing team; linaro does not need assignment for upstreaming; kiko to read patrik's concerns and decide if something has to happen there
  • 10.11 reports -> looked good; sent

  • hardware validation setup: kiko said the proposed stuff is good; even if the office does not allow put cable under floor we should get it; shelf/tray and network switch not needed; we can use a table for the boards for now as we expecte to change SD cards frequently
    • ACTION: asac/kiko/stephen to get this ordered by tomorrow. quotes will be coming in by then.
  • Samsung LT tech lead hiring under way; scott talked to him two weeks ago; kiko and loic to do a call wed and thu; would be linaro hire; uncertain why such a rush has to happen now; good guy!

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