Post agenda

  • ACTION: asac draft a plan for QA of opensource software on ARM
    • Carry forward until next week. Expect movement now that Steve L is back from vacation
  • ACTION: Kiko to talk to Fred S. to figure out the details of the position then send it to requesting the position to be added

    • Carry forward
  • ACTION Asac to setup a call with Mike, rasterman and Loic to discuss upstart vs. systemd
  • ACTION Alexander to start a new wiki page for the Android effort


  • Nvidia compiler and chrome


  • actions ... only asac had actions from yesterday; nothing done; no actions from last
  • chrome story + non-partner:
    • exec meeting decided that something about chrome should be done
    • request came to michael trying to get help from linaro toolchain for chrome
    • request involved backport various features from 4.4 or 4.5 to 4.3 :/
    • however, thats lots of work and effort to get this done;
    • backporting from trunk to 4.5 is already lots of work; lots of stuff just doesn't exist on 4.3
    • michael did some benchmarking on 4.3 vs. 4.4 vs. 4.5 vs. linaro -> each bump had lots of performance improvements on A9

      • david wants to push for using linaro latest stuff rather than spending time on doing backports
    • way forward: get two people hired for chrome in linaro to proof toolchain
    • linaro mission is about the future, we should push back
    • ACTION: david to reset expectations with ben/arm; propose our approach to ARM; use OUR toolchain rather than 4.3
  • michaelh reports that samsung did a rebuild of android with our toolchain; a few bugs were found, but besides that it worked.
  • new leads: michael reported there are more and more folks popping up and toolchain
  • 0xdroid etc. for android: we need to figure out how to engage with those; either enable them or get engineers from there into linaro.

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