Courageous attendees

  • David Rusling
  • Stephen Doel
  • Ian Smith
  • Loïc Minier
  • Alexander Sack
  • Jamie Bennett
  • Amit Kucheria


Actions from last meeting

  • (Kiko) move this call to new time
  • (Alexander) draft a plan for QA of opensource software on ARM
    • Loïc and Alexander meeting today, plan on its way
  • MichaelHope contacted Openbricks only to realize they are already using the Linaro toolchain

  • There is some kind of Maemo/MeeGo split; they are using the toolchain to validate their SDK or something like that
    • MichaelHope thinks we should spend some resources to use OBS a bit and push the toolchain over there

    • Alexander thinks we should talk directly to the Linux Foundation to work on OBS related stuff
    • How many OBS instances are there?
      • One at Linux Foundation for OBS development, building MeeGo

      • One at MeeGo

      • Maemo still uses scratchbox instead
    • Riku should be able to help
    • Problem is that they actually expect a binary toolchain, a bit like the CS one
    • Would also be useful to have crack of the day binary cross-toolchains for various reasons
  • OpenMP - Alexander and MichaelHope syncing on what we're doing there

  • Android rebuild going well; completely rebuilt now, but doesn't start
    • Need to provide some toolchains, these are built specially

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