• Review action items
  • Discuss Linaro code control offerings to members:
    • Open Source Code
    • Open source code that is not ready to be open yet
    • Proprietary code, but is distributable without EULA
    • Proprietary code, but is distributable with EULA
    • Proprietary code, and cannot be distributed without license
  • Discuss David Rusling's e-mail titled "10.11 Deliverables versus Requirements"

Action Review

  • Alexander to confirm who can and can't get the UA8500 boards
    • DONE: IBM, ARM and Linaro engineers can; other assignees not.
  • Anmar to send an e-mail about Visa letters and the sprint once he locks down who will handle the invitation letters.
    • DONE: Anmar sent email out, and it's linked from wikipage as well
  • Dave to formulate a big picture we can use to communicate to Linaro about what happened at APM
    • Not done; discussion on how to communicate this sort of event. Loïc suggested using a monthly report or podcast; Kiko suggested doing it on a call, but discussion on whether on not to do it in this engineering-management calls. Decision so far is not to create monthly report overhead, but after a significant event to book a call and advertise it to everyone@ or the right audience.
    • ACTION: David to set up call for APM presentation
  • Anmar to get a status on the additional Versatile Express boards
    • Not done: Hobson Boorman would be a contact; David's suggestion is to reach out to Hudson directly and copy Roger T. (ARM)


  • Discuss Linaro code control offerings to members:
    • The idea is to discuss what we will be offering the members now that landing teams are closer to happening
    • Having a wiki page outlining each case and the steps needed to be done to address the that case is a good idea that we need to setup
    • We can offer private git trees
    • We need an SSL service for to protect the private git trees web interface (possible IS requirement)
    • We can offer private BZR branches for launchpad users
    • We can offer Private PPA which is available today
    • Restricted image hosting is important. Needs to be setup as part of IS and LexBuilder

  • Dave R. e-mail:
    • We need to update the current state of the requirements for the 11.05 cycle
    • We need to take the blueprints level of requirements and push it up one high level for the management team sake
    • We need to link the requirements to the blueprints so we can generate requirements status updates automatically
    • Requirements are expected to change as blueprints are created or postponed
    • We can use meta-blueprints==requirements assuming we have the across-project cross linking resolved, which is currently a problem
    • We need to fill in the wiki page dave did for now as a short term stop-gap. Goal is to have it complete by end of day Monday

Action Items

  • ACTION: David to set up call for APM presentation
  • ACTION: Anmar to follow up with Hobson Bowman at ARM regarding the Versatile Express boards availability
  • ACTION: Anmar to obtain the OEM Group proprietary code process and share it with managers on this call
  • ACTION: Kiko to talk to Steven G. and Chris K. about handling the proprietary code requirements
  • ACTION: Steve, Loic, Alexander, Michael, and Amit and Kiko to review the wiki page and fill in the details.

  • ACTION: Scott to ask Salgado how to create cross-project BP dependencies
  • ACTION: Kiko to change the wiki URLs to ST-Ericsson instead of ST-E. This will break all the past links. Anmar and Alexander to see if we can fix that via IS but it is a low priority issue at the moment.

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