• Discuss the ST-E hardware distribution
    • Restrictions on distribution
    • ST-E assignees access to hardware
  • Update the team on APM
  • Samsung:
    • Review current assignees status
  • TSC interaction with engineering


  • We will be buying OMAP3 hardware (Gumstix). 20 Overo COMs (2 Stagecoach expansion boards that can each take 7 Overo COMs) + 6 developer Overo COMs
  • ST-E UA8500 boards can't be shipped to any members other than Canonical, IBM, ARM as per Andrea.
  • APM Update by Dave R.
    • Postive feedback in general
    • Great feedback on toolchain
    • Anmar recommended we bring the line managers to APM later on
    • Alexander indicated that members are still a step behind in using and understanding what Linaro's advanatages are.
  • Visa process is still stalled. Anmar to look after it.
  • Kiko to reivew the BPs and make sure what is postponed is considered for the next development cycle.
  • Dave R. requested that we review and provide feedback

  • Toolchain
    • Exploring the scope and Matthias is concerned about us being too far from upstream. Working on pulling from upstream once per month.
  • KC WG
    • Working on infrastructure for cross compilation
  • Loic indicated that Mounir and Ian are ramping up. Mounir is helping Loic with KCWG and Landing teams. He is no longer involved in the Toolchain WG
  • Alexander is getting a lot of the ST-E engineers started, which has been taking a lot of his time.
  • ST-E BSP
    • 2.6.35 is not out
    • 2.6.34 is going through opening up process (legal etc.)
    • u-boot under review John R.
  • Today started the first cross vendor discussion about graphics and multimedia
    • Some consolidations effort is needed
  • Platform:
    • U-boot work toward landing in the Ubuntu archive
    • Marcin's toolchain work is being reviewed by Matthias

Action Items

  • Alexander to confirm who can and can't get the UA8500 boards
  • Anmar to send an e-mail about the VISA and the sprint once he locks down who will handle the invitation letters.
  • Dave to formulate a big picture we can use to communicate to Linaro about what happened at APM
  • Anmar to get a status on the additional Versatile Express boards

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