• Alexander
  • Scott
  • Loic
  • Steve

actions from previous call

  • scott suggested to point TSC in that direction (donation?);
  • steve to find contact point in debian for hardware donation


  • news on gumstick hardware (loic)
  • lack of omap3 daily builds for the toolchain/kernel WG & FF (loic)


  • asac thanked scottb for hardware spec ... review still pending
  • asac gave quick update for loic on ST-E/Meego project
  • asac to arrange call with loic
  • hardware donations to debian buildds
  • gumstick hardware update:
    • loic talked to CEO and had some good news :)

    • potential use of 20 new machines:
      • buildd in datacenter
      • rebuilds for individual developers
      • scott pointed out it would be good testbed for vostok
      • (had a connectivity problem here)
      • vostok can do a rebuild of a derived archive
    • loic likes the idea of partnering
    • asac wondered if there would be engineers from them to help enable things
    • sakoman could potentially help
    • loic will move forward on this with management
  • what hardware are we enabling for 10.11?
    • want to output binaries for VE and OMAP3
      • still bugs and issues that need work done
    • landing teams are stretched thin, only one piece of VE hardware in the org
    • at FF, no VE images available yet
  • need hardware that runs daily cross builds of kernels and uboot every day for everything we target
    • board info currently in wiki, would like this eventually moved to a structured web app
  • loic outlined that kernel and toolchain WGs need daily build and proper release process
  • loic his vision about this process;
    • will document the release and continous integration process
    • will derive specs/work etc. from this and sync with tech leads to get work done
    • jcrigby to help on setting up daily infrastructure (mid term, aka couple of month)
    • jcrigby to help on making builds/packages for kernel/uboot release candidates builds available (short term), which will then be used to exercise the WG release process
    • scottb to sync with plars on webUI based on isotracker


  • steve to find contact point in debian for hardware donation
  • loic to document the daily build process for kernel packages and how the release testing (release from WG to platform) is going to work
  • scottb to get status on isotracker/webUI for linaro from plars

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