• asac: welcome calls to 7 new assignees went quite well; lot's of bridge building to be done still, but things are moving.
  • kiko currently works on marketing presentation about 10.11 deliverables and also defines the dates for 11.05 cycle
  • kiko had discussion on mentors: we are working a plan for mentors to come in, plan is to get them on board in the next month
    • mentors are like ubuntu community team; need special personality to teach things and help out; also have a feedback responsibility;
    • their core objective is to make members productive as fast as possible
    • leads should see the mentors coming in as people you can entrust to get assignees up to speed
    • people that go on site for a week or two
    • assignee might have local language knowledge
    • training on practical work; hands on training
    • might be more effective if they have some centralized organization; centralised. packaging training sessions, kernel development, or upstreaming patches
    • mentors would work on the units in a kind of dedicated fashion; to ensure more depth of mentoring
  • david today had meeting with jamie on talk with landing team to ARM; went great.
  • UDS: we should send out requests for UDS now; david to send mail to TSC to trigger the discussion.

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