• David R.
  • Guillaume L.
  • Anmar O.
  • Alexander S.
  • Kiko the eternal


  • 2x2 discussion: what to accomplish and how to do it
    • asac inquires into resource commitment and timelines
    • Clarified that this isn't 10.11 or even has a deadline to it
    • asac points out that this means we should split the plan apart
      • U8500 enablement
      • MeeGo handset packaging and validation

    • asac points out that it's unfortunate to start on a half-hearted goal if under-resourced
      • has concern that we are advertising an exceptional process as a way of working with us
    • ACTION: asac and anmar to work up a draft of how the work will progress
      • Basically to outline our regular work process; blueprint definition and
      • Can outline additional resource and hardware requirements for members
      • A specification for U8500 (possibly two: platform and "multimedia"), and a set of specs for MeeGo, possibly 11.05 targeted or something

  • David is circulating TSC-input requirements for 10.11 consideration and 10.05 goal setting
    • Will need help with reviewing and analyzing requests

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