Linaro Engineering Units

As an engineering organization, Linaro is divided into three units:

  1. Release-focused Platform Engineering

  2. Hardware-focused Landing Teams

  3. Upstream-focused Working Groups

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Platform Teams

  • Builds and Baselines: responsible for components integration, delivering the primary Linaro development and collaboration platforms; The Team assists Linaro Working Groups and Teams in their daily development tasks and continuously integrates their output into the Linaro Engineering Builds. The Team also supports engineering units by making required software and tools seemingly available in an easy to consume way and adapts Linaro Engineering Build images to better match the developer needs. The baselines include: Android, Bootloader, Fedora, Linux Linaro, OpenEmbedded, Toolchain and Ubuntu.

  • LAB, The Cambridge, UK LAVA LAB

  • QA Linaro QA

Platform Processes

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Landing Teams

A Landing Team (LT) is a team of software engineers composed from both Linaro and a Member company. Landing Teams are available only to Core and Club members. However, not all members have Landing Teams.

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Working Groups

Working Groups are engineering units focused on contributing directly to relevant upstream projects. They often do releases based on upstream branches for wider consumption. Their work is planned alongside the Platform work as part of the release cycle, and the actual code is continuously validated by Platform/Validation and merged into our evaluation builds.

New working groups are established through Linaro's Technical Steering Committee. The currently running working groups are listed below.

  • Kernel promotes technology and standards that allow kernel-level hardware enablement to be done in a simpler, cleaner way, reducing effort from silicon vendors and product developers alike.

  • Toolchain Evolution is focused on delivering a highly optimized tool chain validated across a wide library of software packages, showcasing key ARM hardware features including VFP, Thumb2 and NEON.

  • Power Management is tasked with creating infrastructure, guidelines and tools to enable top-notch power management on multiple ARM SoCs

  • Middleware:Graphics works on topics related to graphics acceleration on ARM platforms; these include ensuring OpenGLES is supported throughout the various rendering stacks used in Linux flavors and distributions.

  • Middleware:Multimedia is charged with improving the video and audio capabilities of open source running on ARM platforms; this includes improving and generalizing media frameworks, optimizing codecs and enabling input and output devices.

  • Security is charged with work on security related topics in the Linux-on-ARM ecosystem.

Project Management

The Project Management Team is tasked with providing the tools, process and structure to effectively manage Linaro projects. They span across all of the working groups as a support function.

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