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The team are working towards the 13.01 Release.

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Previous Actions Recorded

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  • New PM/RM hired.

Action item review

  • Linaro 11.08 release preparation
    • Gather milestones pages
    • Gather proposed headlines
    • Delivery dates
    • Release response setup

Image status

  • Build status Ubuntu derivatives - tgall_foo
  • Build status Android - patrikryd








Instabilities with highmem activated

Blueprints Review

  • Check blueprints targeted for the release for Headline, Acceptance Criteria, etc...

Meeting Log

[16:01] <fabo> #startmeeting
[16:01] <linarobot> Meeting started Thu Aug 11 16:01:33 2011 UTC. The chair is fabo.
[16:01] <linarobot> Useful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic.
[16:01] <fabo> #link
[16:02] <fabo> it's a short agenda
[16:02] <fabo> #topic Announcements
[16:02] <fabo> #info New PM/RM hired.
[16:02] <fabo> we've got it!
[16:03]  * rsalveti waves
[16:03] <rsalveti> awesome! :D
[16:03] <fabo> rsalveti asked about it on Monday
[16:03] <rsalveti> when can we expect him to be on-line and working for us? ;-)
[16:04] <fabo> rsalveti: I heard "very soon"
[16:05] <rsalveti> alright :-)
[16:05] <fabo> it's a very good news
[16:05] <fabo> #topic Action item review
[16:05] <fabo> it's all about Linaro 11.08 release preparation
[16:06] <fabo> several items should be done at the beginning of the month but there's some delay caused by Connect
[16:07] <fabo> 1. Gather milestones pages
[16:07] <fabo> I have mostly all teams
[16:07] <fabo> LTs aren't created but it should be done by now
[16:08] <fabo> 2. Gather proposed headlines
[16:08] <fabo> we're lacking of highlights
[16:08] <fabo> the release page is empty..
[16:09] <fabo> if you have something in mind, please update
[16:10] <fabo> any comments?
[16:11] <ibiris`> so if we add headlines in the blueprints, those are collected somehow automagically or do we also need to update
[16:11] <fabo> ibiris`: you need to update the wiki atm for proposal
[16:12] <ibiris`> ok
[16:12] <fabo> the idea is to have up to 10 highlights, then we review them
[16:13] <fabo> ibiris`: if you point me the BPs, I can collect the headlines and update the wiki if needed
[16:13] <fabo> 3. Delivery/Release dates
[16:14] <fabo> the components deadline is next Thursday 2011-08-18
[16:14] <fabo> the RC images should be on Monday 2011-08-22
[16:15] <fabo> the Linaro 11.08 release is on Thursday 2011-08-25
[16:15] <fabo> that's the key dates
[16:16] <fabo> integration time is a bit short but it will be improved in the future with CI
[16:16] <rsalveti> yeah, hopefully :-)
[16:17] <fabo> yep. if components deadline is missed, no way to go in ;)
[16:17] <fabo> 4. Release response setup
[16:18] <fabo> at Connect, we discussed about the release response team
[16:18] <fabo> everybody is familiar with the concept or should I give a short intro?
[16:19] <rsalveti> please give a short intro :-)
[16:20] <fabo> for the release week, to avoid blockers like missing key people or lacking permissions or working 24h, we'll setup a release response team
[16:20] <fabo> the assignment should be done at the beginning of the month
[16:21] <fabo> you'll have 2 kind of states
[16:21] <fabo> - on-duty: active and online
[16:22] <fabo> - on-standby: online or offline, can be called if needed
[16:23] <fabo> the team is composed with 2 RMs, 2 build engineer for each Platform, 2 LEB testers, 1 LT liaison, 1 WG liaison, etc...
[16:23] <fabo> details will sent in a mail
[16:24] <james_w> what will the team be doing?
[16:24] <fabo> james_w: all the stuff needed to respin a component or an image
[16:25] <fabo> apply critical fixes, update LP project, upload a new tarball
[16:26] <fabo> we should really spot last critical issues on Monday call for testing
[16:26] <fabo> on RC images
[16:27] <fabo> so I'm expecting to have a list of people for this team
[16:28] <fabo> and make sure that we have the right permissions, someone at #is too
[16:28] <fabo> any questions/comments?
[16:29] <fabo> next topic then
[16:30] <fabo> #topic Image Status
[16:30] <rsalveti> offspring seems fixed
[16:30] <rsalveti> guess you worked on that
[16:30] <fabo> Ubuntu images are building successfully now
[16:30] <fabo> lamont has nucked images older than a month
[16:30] <rsalveti> and the lack of ext4 support is also fixed, should be enabled with today's daily
[16:31] <rsalveti> fabo: do we have a plan for further months?
[16:31] <rsalveti> cron job or similar?
[16:32] <fabo> rsalveti: fix the related ticket. it's waiting for code from infra
[16:32] <fabo> james_w: do we have a schedule for this code drop?
[16:33] <james_w> not yet
[16:33] <fabo> if it isn't schedule, does it make sense to workaround with a cron in the meantime?
[16:34] <fabo> ~40GB are free now
[16:34] <james_w> this is a cronjob
[16:35] <james_w> so I don't see that as really being a cheaper workaround
[16:35] <fabo> k
[16:36] <fabo> Android images are rolling out
[16:37] <fabo> switch to gerrit and
[16:38] <fabo> #topic Bugs summary
[16:38] <fabo> the queue is empty for this meeting
[16:38] <fabo> we have some older bugs pending
[16:39] <fabo> I need to ping the assignee
[16:40] <fabo> rsalveti: you have someone working on pulseaudio 100% cpu
[16:40] <fabo> it starts to to be an ageing bug
[16:41] <fabo> bug 816638
[16:41] <ubot2> Launchpad bug 816638 in linaro-ubuntu "Pulseaudio consumes 100% of the cpu when trying to play a sound with natty's linaro LEB and 3.0.0-1402-linaro-lt-omap " [High,Confirmed]
[16:41] <rsalveti> fabo: not atm, but I'm planning to go over it with agreen
[16:42] <fabo> bug 816530
[16:43] <fabo> bug 816530
[16:43] <fabo> hmmm lost ubot2?
[16:44] <fabo> well it's "Snowball will not boot with current version of startupfiles"
[16:44] <fabo> #topic Progress Discussion
[16:45] <fabo> how the release is rolling?
[16:45] <fabo> do you have some blockers?
[16:46] <fabo> I've seen that some TLs have done some BP review
[16:47] <fabo> I take that as "no blockers" :)
[16:47] <rsalveti> well, not ftm :-)
[16:48] <fabo> #topic AOB
[16:48] <fabo> (l-m-c) is the ext4 switch by default is planned for this month?
[16:49] <james_w> was that agreed?
[16:50] <fabo> james_w: it was my understanding but I'm not completely sure
[16:51] <james_w> please follow up to the thread with a summary then
[16:51] <fabo> the only blockers is fixing the related bugs
[16:51] <fabo> ok
[16:51] <james_w> the change is easy, we just need agreement that it's the right thing
[16:51] <james_w> oh, there are more blockers than the one rsalveti mentioned earlier?
[16:52] <rsalveti> I think we should be fine to change it
[16:52] <james_w> also, changing the default may break previous releases if they don't have ext4 support
[16:52] <james_w> sorry, will break previous releases if...
[16:52] <rsalveti> yeah, true
[16:52] <fabo> i.MX53 issue is fixed according to jcriby
[16:52] <rsalveti> but not for previous releases
[16:53] <fabo> bug 822593
[16:53] <ubot2> Launchpad bug 822593 in linaro-ubuntu "use ext4 as default fs with btrfs coming second" [Undecided,New]
[16:54] <fabo> that's the bug from asac to make ext4 default
[16:55] <fabo> it breaks previous releases but it deserves a release note
[16:55] <rsalveti> if putting it at the release notes is enough, let's do it
[16:55] <fabo> people can use other fs from command line
[16:56] <fabo> #action fabo follow up to the thread with a summary with changes implication
[16:56] <fabo> I'm done. anything to add?
[16:56] <fabo> 3
[16:56] <ibiris`> CI - has there been a communication of it working on the linaro-dev?
[16:57] <ibiris`> has it been announced?
[16:57] <fabo> ibiris`: no, it hasn't been announced
[16:57] <fabo> there's several WIs to do
[16:58] <fabo> ibiris`: IMO it won't happen before 11.09 or 11.10
[16:59] <james_w> what won't?
[17:00] <ibiris`> fabo: thanks for the clarification
[17:00] <fabo> james_w: afaik, it requires changes to lava
[17:00] <james_w> to do what?
[17:00] <james_w> you're talking about CI for everything?
[17:00] <fabo> james_w: I don't have the details
[17:01] <fabo> james_w: yes, fully automatic integration for all components
[17:01] <fabo> and the testing (injection in lava)
[17:01] <james_w> right
[17:02] <fabo> it requires also wrok from dev platform on the packaging
[17:02] <james_w> but we don't have to wait until we have everything until we can announce that parts are working
[17:02] <fabo> changes to the kernel
[17:02] <james_w> ibiris`, I'll take care of what we have so far being announced
[17:02] <fabo> sure
[17:02] <ibiris`> james_w: sounds good
[17:02] <fabo> james_w: nothing prevent to communicate on the already working bits
[17:03] <fabo> any other question before closing?
[17:04] <fabo> #endmeeting
[17:04] <linarobot> Meeting ended Thu Aug 11 17:04:33 2011 UTC.
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