Thursday 31st March 2011

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  • tgall_foo to try the methods outlined in bug 733334 for fixing audio
  • mounir to ping arndb on bug 673820



  • Beta released today.

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  • Build status Ubuntu derivatives - tgall_foo
  • Build status Android - patrikryd








Instabilities with highmem activated



CONFIG_OMAP2_DSS_SDI on OMAP4 causes: Unhandled fault: imprecise external abort (0x1406) at 0x2ada61a8

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Started logging meeting in #linaro-meeting
[16:01:49] <JamieBennett> [LINK]
[16:02:13] <JamieBennett> [TOPIC] Announcements
[16:02:28] <JamieBennett> 11.05 beta will be released today
[16:02:52] <JamieBennett> in around 4 hours when I get more manual testing on qatracker.l.o
[16:03:12] <JamieBennett> please test if you have hardware, especially the Ubuntu Desktop LEB
[16:04:04] <JamieBennett> (you get to see the shiny Unity desktop as a treat if you do test ;) )
[16:04:37] <JamieBennett> any other announcements from anyone else?
[16:04:44] <JesseBarker> It's very small on my u8500 :-)
[16:04:48] <nytowl> JamieBennett, I can test the s5pv310 but is there any way to get hwpack bumped to the 31st version ?
[16:04:50] <JesseBarker> but shiny.
[16:05:10] <JamieBennett> nytowl: do you specifically need that hwpack?
[16:05:23] <nytowl> that or the 30/1 version
[16:05:31] <JamieBennett> JesseBarker: I have the XM on a 7" touch screen here, and the touch actually kind of works :)
[16:05:40] <james_w> hi
[16:06:02] <JamieBennett> nytowl: if absolutely necessary, I'd rather not unless the 29th isn't sufficient
[16:06:07] <JamieBennett> hi james_w
[16:06:48] <nytowl> 29 th has a version of u-boot that doesn't match my proposed linaro-image-tools merge
[16:07:23] <JamieBennett> nytowl: but it won't affect the image itself?
[16:07:43] <JamieBennett> or do you have to jump through hoops with l-m-c without your changes?
[16:08:23] <nytowl> if the new merge is picked up wapcks before and including the 30th won't boot
[16:09:03] <JamieBennett> nytowl: OK, I'll make the 31st a beta then but please test, thanks :)
[16:09:10] <JamieBennett> and report to qatracker
[16:09:11] <nytowl> Thanks you
[16:09:57] <JamieBennett> [TOPIC] Action item review
[16:10:03] <JamieBennett> * JamieBennett to look into EDID support status
[16:10:21] <JamieBennett> so we have bug 660604
[16:10:21] <ubot2> Launchpad bug 660604 in linux-linaro "Linaro images should utilize EDID" [Low,Triaged]
[16:10:37] <JamieBennett> Seems there is a hack/patch available
[16:11:11] <JamieBennett> I think this is a topic for the GFX WG though
[16:11:22] <JamieBennett> JesseBarker: do you have thoughts on EDID detection ?
[16:11:32] <agreen> Panda kernels has it now I believe, at least HDMI output is able to do 1080P on my monitor
[16:12:09] <JamieBennett> agreen: and that is detected without a kernel param?
[16:12:19] <JesseBarker> Several. The issue is not unique to us, and there are some efforts upstream to consolidate this.
[16:12:27] <agreen> JamieBennett: yes at the moment there are no kernel params needed
[16:12:37] <tgall_foo> agreen, agreed it seems better on panda .. tho it's not driving my 1680x1050 at res or lower which it should be able to do
[16:13:04] <JamieBennett> from what I understand the omap changes are not optimal
[16:13:31] <JamieBennett> It needs doing through the DRM framework
[16:13:42] <JamieBennett> JesseBarker: will you team be looking into this as a future topic
[16:13:50] <tgall_foo> JamieBennett, I guess the end question is what do we want the experience to be like for those that pick our 11.05 release ?
[16:14:19] <JesseBarker> JamieBennett, yes. The KMS topic we've got for next cycle should provide some answers, but we need support from the vendors as well.
[16:14:32] <tgall_foo> JamieBennett, if it's just you must have a panel or what have you that can be driven at the following rates .. or do we want to be able to drive more general hardware ?
[16:15:36] <JamieBennett> tgall_foo: Its not having to supply the kernel param and the DRM framework figuring out exactly what your monitor is capable of
[16:15:42] <JamieBennett> JesseBarker: cool, at least the investigations are in the right hands :)
[16:16:16] <JamieBennett> OK, there are no more actions this week
[16:16:32] <JamieBennett> [TOPIC] Image Status
[16:16:38] <JamieBennett> Build status Ubuntu derivatives - tgall_foo
[16:17:20] <tgall_foo> looking good generally speaking, our bugs are generally cosmet things now or hardware specific (sound, use of all of pandas memory.. that sort of thing)
[16:18:07] <tgall_foo> that's about all I have at this point
[16:18:15] <JamieBennett> right, I think we have a couple of worrying bugs to fix before RC but we can talk about that in the next section
[16:18:35] <JamieBennett> and the weekly question, "how small is nano now" ;)
[16:18:54] <JamieBennett> tgall_foo: I see your investigating other fs choices
[16:19:14] <tgall_foo> nano hasn't moved much ... the beta integration last week hurt my ability to do builds for a few days :-)
[16:19:34] <tgall_foo> yes been considering a cramfs or btrfs compressed approach as well just to be able to stuff more into less
[16:19:46] <slangasek> by "integration" do you mean "area under the curve"
[16:20:19] <tgall_foo> slangasek, by that I mean live helper wasn't a happy camper
[16:21:00] * JesseBarker thinks it's too early for math jokes for tgall_foo...
[16:21:04] <JamieBennett> tgall_foo: OK, these investgations will put us in good stead for reducing ALIP to below 100mb next cycle, that should be fun :)
[16:21:20] <tgall_foo> indeed
[16:21:29] <JamieBennett> thanks tgall_foo
[16:21:39] <JamieBennett> Build status Android - patrikryd
[16:21:46] <patrikryd> All builds ok
[16:21:51] <patrikryd> No major bugs
[16:22:21] <patrikryd> Working on inluding u-boot and kernel in the built/generated tar balls.
[16:23:10] <JamieBennett> right
[16:23:25] <JamieBennett> and boottarballs instead roottarballs :)
[16:23:56] <patrikryd> True. We are changes r to b.
[16:24:01] <JamieBennett> Also the Android team have a l-m-c merge proposed that will add Android support
[16:24:15] <JamieBennett> which should allow easier testing
[16:24:36] <patrikryd> At the moment they are blocked by me trying to change the r to b.
[16:24:51] <JamieBennett> any questions for patrikryd on Android?
[16:26:07] <JamieBennett> OK
[16:26:17] <JamieBennett> [TOPIC] Bugs summary
[16:26:28] <JamieBennett> so we still have bug 633227
[16:26:30] <ubot2> Launchpad bug 633227 in linux-ti-omap4 "instabilities with highmem activated" [High,Confirmed]
[16:26:36] <JamieBennett> bug 720055
[16:26:36] <ubot2> Launchpad bug 720055 in linux-linaro "CONFIG_OMAP2_DSS_SDI on OMAP4 causes: Unhandled fault: imprecise external abort (0x1406) at 0x2ada61a8" [High,Confirmed]
[16:26:46] <JamieBennett> and now bug 745737
[16:26:47] <ubot2> Launchpad bug 745737 in linux-linaro-omap "Kernel panic when rebooting panda board" [Undecided,In progress]
[16:27:24] <tgall_foo> JamieBennett, there's the audio bugs as well
[16:28:02] <agreen> I haven't been able to reproduce the HIGHMEM issue but I plan to have another go shortly
[16:28:11] <JamieBennett> tgall_foo: are they set to HIGH or above?
[16:28:29] <agreen> 720055 seems solved by John Rigby
[16:28:45] <tgall_foo> JamieBennett, I don't think so but for the purposes of discussion I'd like to suggest they should be addressed by the RC
[16:28:55] <agreen> 745737 again John Rigby dug up a patch, I will try it tomorrow since I was able to reproduce that one
[16:29:27] <JamieBennett> agreen: great, these bugs aren't enough to affect the beta but should be closely monitored
[16:29:49] <JamieBennett> tgall_foo: can you did out some bug numbers?
[16:29:56] * JamieBennett looks also
[16:29:56] <agreen> JamieBennett: rightthe HIGHMEM one is scary, but I ran a kernel compile for 5 hours without triggering it
[16:30:36] <JamieBennett> agreen: there is a patch on there also
[16:30:49] <tgall_foo> bug #746491, #733334
[16:30:50] <ubot2> Launchpad bug 746491 in linux-linaro-omap "no audio panda and ubuntu-desktop" [Undecided,New]
[16:30:51] <ubot2> Launchpad bug 733334 in linux-linaro-omap "no audio with linaro-ubuntu-desktop + beagleXm" [Undecided,New]
[16:31:28] <agreen> JamieBennett: the patch fixed something else, it's still told it can appear under high stress with the patch
[16:31:55] <JamieBennett> tgall_foo: did you try the methods suggested in bug 733334
[16:31:57] <ubot2> Launchpad bug 733334 in linux-linaro-omap "no audio with linaro-ubuntu-desktop + beagleXm" [Undecided,New]
[16:32:22] <tgall_foo> agreen, is there a somewhat easy way to enable it all so we could potential post to the list asking for folks to test ?
[16:32:26] <JamieBennett> agreen: OK, keep us informed, when I get this panda up and running I'll have a play too
[16:32:32] <agreen> On 746491, there is no ALSA stuff in npitre's tree, but there is on mine
[16:32:34] <tgall_foo> JamieBennett, I've got some work to do there ... might as well give me a todo on that
[16:32:56] <agreen> tgall_foo: you have to change the kernel commandline and build with CONFIG_HIGHMEM
[16:33:10] <JamieBennett> [ACTION] tgall_foo to try the methods outlined in bug 733334 for fixing audio
[16:33:11] <ubot2> Launchpad bug 733334 in linux-linaro-omap "no audio with linaro-ubuntu-desktop + beagleXm" [Undecided,New]
[16:33:32] <agreen> Currently TI provide an uplevelled ALSA implementation for Panda that is 2.6.35 stuff uplevelled to 2.6.38-ness with no upstream path
[16:33:56] <JamieBennett> tgall_foo: I also filed a few bugs today, nothing major, like the screensaver issue in ALIP
[16:34:02] <agreen> Liam Girdwood is spearately coming up with a native, upstream / upstreamable replacement ALSA stuff that npitre could take
[16:34:04] <tgall_foo> yeah I saw that
[16:34:06] <tgall_foo> thank you!
[16:34:16] <JamieBennett> heh
[16:34:24] <JamieBennett> I'm sure you don't mean that ;)
[16:34:47] <JamieBennett> tgall_foo: When I get some meetings off my plate I'll come join you in fixing some image bugs
[16:34:59] <JamieBennett> OK, any more bugs to discuss?
[16:35:07] <mounir> JamieBennett, needs an owner vexpress specific
[16:35:10] <ubot2> Launchpad bug 673820 in linux-linaro "Ethernet dies during large file transfers on vexpress" [High,Confirmed]
[16:35:25] <JamieBennett> mounir: right, vexpress is tricky
[16:35:40] <JamieBennett> pawel helps out occasionally but we only have 1 or 2 boards in Linaro
[16:35:47] <JamieBennett> mattwaddel: has a board
[16:36:32] <mounir> pawel suggested to fidn someone in landing team which ( we don't have for vexpress)
[16:36:58] <JamieBennett> mounir: right, this would be KWG (there are at least two VE boards in your team) or wait for ARM to produce something
[16:37:10] <JamieBennett> arnd has a board
[16:37:21] <JamieBennett> as does Paul iirc
[16:37:51] <mounir> JamieBennett, I'll ping arnd on this one to see if he can help (has bandwidth)
[16:37:51] <JamieBennett> mounir: maybe you could ask your group and see if anyone bites ;)
[16:37:57] <JamieBennett> great
[16:38:04] <JamieBennett> please cc me on that
[16:38:10] <mounir> ok
[16:38:24] <JamieBennett> [ACTION] mounir to ping arndb on bug 673820
[16:38:26] <ubot2> Launchpad bug 673820 in linux-linaro "Ethernet dies during large file transfers on vexpress" [High,Confirmed]
[16:39:25] <JamieBennett> moving on then
[16:39:26] <JamieBennett> [TOPIC] AOB
[16:39:35] <JamieBennett> Anything else for this meeting?
[16:40:37] <JamieBennett> OK, thanks all for attending
[16:40:39] <JamieBennett> #endmeeting
Meeting ended.

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