Thursday 24th March 2011

Previous Actions Recorded

  • JesseBarker to test gfx image and report back his findings to tgall_foo, slangasek and JamieBennett

  • JamieBennett to delete -rc images from

Meeting closed at 17:47

People Present

  • JamieBennett

  • slangasek
  • tgall_foo
  • JesseBarker

  • patrikryd
  • mounir
  • jcrigby

Actions Recorded



  • Feature Freeze in place.
    • Archive churn due to Feature Freeze means no images today for ubuntu-desktop and developer (and multimedia and gfx) :(

    • Could be some instabilities for a day or so.
  • Beta next Thursday, final freeze 2 weeks after (

  • New linux-linaro kernel, 2.6.38-1001.2 fixing (amongst others):
    • Panda display issues. 728603

    • Some module load errors with Thumb-2. 724377

    • The notorious Panda shutdown bug. 708883

    • Timer stats enabled on imx. 718677

    • imx kernel mmc errors fix. 723159

    • Please TEST !

Action item review

Image status

  • Build status Ubuntu derivatives - tgall_foo
  • Build status Android - patrikryd








Instabilities with highmem activated

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Meeting Log

Started logging meeting in #linaro-meeting
[17:01:45] <JamieBennett> [LINK]
[17:01:56] <JamieBennett> should be a short one again :)
[17:02:03] <JamieBennett> [TOPIC] Announcements
[17:02:18] <JamieBennett> Feature Freeze is in place today
[17:02:29] <JamieBennett> lots of archive churn due to Feature Freeze means no images today for ubuntu-desktop and developer (and multimedia and gfx)
[17:02:42] <JamieBennett> So no weekly testing today :(
[17:02:48] <JamieBennett> Could be some instabilities for a day or so.
[17:03:23] <JamieBennett> Beta is next Thursday, final freeze 2 weeks after (
[17:03:51] <JamieBennett> lets make sure that everything that needs to be in the archive is finished soon
[17:04:07] <JamieBennett> the less we have in an overlay ppa the better
[17:04:32] <JamieBennett> good news this week
[17:04:37] <JamieBennett> New linux-linaro kernel, 2.6.38-1001.2 fixing (amongst others):
[17:04:42] <JamieBennett> Panda display issues. 728603
[17:04:51] <JamieBennett> bug 728603
[17:04:52] <ubot2> Launchpad bug 728603 in linux-linaro-omap "No display support on Panda" [Undecided,Fix released]
[17:05:01] <JamieBennett> Some module load errors with Thumb-2. bug 724377
[17:05:03] <ubot2> Launchpad bug 724377 in linux-linaro-omap "Some modules fail to load with THUMB2 kernel" [Undecided,Fix released]
[17:05:11] <JamieBennett> The notorious Panda shutdown bug 708883
[17:05:13] <ubot2> Launchpad bug 708883 in linux-linaro-omap "Panda board shuts down during boot" [Undecided,Fix released]
[17:05:19] <JamieBennett> Timer stats enabled on imx bug 718677
[17:05:19] <ubot2> Launchpad bug 718677 in linux-linaro-mx51 "Enable TIMER_STATS" [Undecided,Fix released]
[17:05:26] <JamieBennett> imx kernel mmc errors fix bug 723159
[17:05:26] <ubot2> Launchpad bug 723159 in linux-linaro/11.05 "imx51 kernel has mmc errors" [High,Fix released]
[17:05:32] <JamieBennett> thanks to jcrigby and slangasek
[17:05:51] <JamieBennett> this is the first time we have a working display on panda so please test
[17:05:54] <slangasek> mostly jcrigby, I'm just the uploader bot
[17:05:56] <tgall_foo> yeah that's great to get that fixed
[17:06:06] <slangasek> note that although the kernel packages are fixed, they are not yet in hwpacks
[17:06:26] <slangasek> I'll trigger a manual hwpack today once the metapackage is published
[17:06:31] <JamieBennett> slangasek: thanks
[17:06:52] <JamieBennett> I wont action it as I'm sure you will do it as soon as its published
[17:07:04] <JamieBennett> thanks
[17:07:11] <JamieBennett> any other announcements?
[17:08:14] <JamieBennett> OK
[17:08:24] <JamieBennett> [TOPIC] Action item review
[17:08:30] <JamieBennett> * JesseBarker to test gfx image and report back his findings to tgall_foo, slangasek and JamieBennett
[17:08:37] <JamieBennett> thanks for the feedback JesseBarker
[17:08:45] <JesseBarker> JamieBennett, np
[17:08:48] <JamieBennett> tgall_foo: do you have what you need from this?
[17:09:07] <tgall_foo> I think so
[17:09:15] <JamieBennett> we also need to think about hwpack acceleration
[17:09:28] <JamieBennett> but for now I think the image is there
[17:09:41] <JesseBarker> JamieBennett, what do you mean by hwpack acceleration?
[17:10:00] <JamieBennett> JesseBarker: hardware dependant bits to enable GL acceleration
[17:10:21] <JamieBennett> by definition if they are hardware dependant they should be in the hwpack
[17:10:42] <JamieBennett> these will come from the LT teams in time
[17:11:16] <JesseBarker> that makes sense, but for u8500 and s5pv310, those are separate requests from the vendors to ARM licensing for the binary redistribution rights (scott can comment better on the status of those requests).
[17:12:15] <JamieBennett> JesseBarker: we can overlay some hw dependant bits just as we do with the likes of Nvidia but scott will have a better plan on what they are planning there
[17:12:43] <JamieBennett> In summary, I think we have a plan going forward and if not, asac can come up with one ;)
[17:15:02] <JamieBennett> * JamieBennett to delete -rc images from
[17:15:39] <JamieBennett> DONE
[17:15:58] <JamieBennett> no ones complained so I presume the chance was OK
[17:16:13] <JamieBennett> one note
[17:16:42] <JamieBennett> releases.l.o is back as it was now as regards to the hierarchy, we will change it when a good solution is found
[17:17:38] <slangasek> "back as it was"?
[17:18:12] <slangasek> I guess I missed something... I knew it had changed, I don't know why any changes needed reverted :)
[17:18:29] <tgall_foo> well long as it works
[17:18:40] <JamieBennett> slangasek: yes, we experimented for a couple of days with /LEB /community e.t.c for classification of images but that was changed back on request until a better layout is found
[17:18:45] <slangasek> ah
[17:19:48] <JamieBennett> [TOPIC] Image Status
[17:20:02] <JamieBennett> Build status Ubuntu derivatives - tgall_foo
[17:20:57] <tgall_foo> JamieBennett, well I think you covered it earlier pretty well
[17:21:13] <JamieBennett> :)
[17:21:18] <tgall_foo> developer image broke due to systemtap and graphical, multimedia and ubuntu due to upstream
[17:21:34] <tgall_foo> let's hope we have some good builds come monday
[17:21:39] <JamieBennett> l/me nods
[17:21:42] * JamieBennett nods
[17:21:49] <slangasek> "broke due to systemtap"?
[17:22:12] <tgall_foo> slangasek, yeah needs to be looked into
[17:22:15] <slangasek> ah, because it hasn't built for armel yet so is out of sync
[17:22:24] <slangasek> doesn't need looked into, just needs the autobuilders to catch up
[17:22:29] <slangasek> er, or rather, consider it looked into ;)
[17:22:42] <JamieBennett> The following packages have unmet dependencies:
[17:22:42] <JamieBennett> linaro-development : Depends: systemtap but it is not going to be installed
[17:23:03] <JamieBennett> right
[17:23:13] <slangasek> just have to wait for systemtap to build
[17:23:21] <tgall_foo> yup hope it's as simple as that
[17:23:23] <slangasek> there's, er, a bit of a rush on the buildds right now due to impending freeze
[17:23:33] * JamieBennett blames ogra ;)
[17:24:21] <JamieBennett> any further plans for nano this cycle tgall_foo ?
[17:24:51] <tgall_foo> JamieBennett, yes .. it's getting packaged up ... nothing for upstream ... just things for our own ppa and the live-helper config
[17:25:18] <tgall_foo> pushed about 1/2 of it yesterday
[17:25:38] <JamieBennett> OK, what is the target install size for this cycle?
[17:26:21] <tgall_foo> it'll be under 128 Meg presuming we can get the kernel to go on a diet
[17:26:43] <JamieBennett> awesome work tgall_foo
[17:26:55] <tgall_foo> that's seems to fit reasonably in nand for the boards that people seem to be using
[17:27:26] * JamieBennett nods
[17:27:38] <JamieBennett> we can alway refine next cycle
[17:28:29] <JamieBennett> thanks for the update tgall_foo
[17:28:34] <JamieBennett> Build status Android - patrikryd
[17:28:42] <patrikryd> The three builds builds OK. Beagle and panda should boot. u8500href same status as last week.
[17:29:28] <patrikryd> Kernels are not in the tarball at the moment
[17:30:44] <JamieBennett> questions for patrikryd on Android?
[17:30:45] <patrikryd> Beagle can use john stultz android kernel (linaro .38 + android patches). Panda migth need the "pandroid" kernel.
[17:32:10] <JamieBennett> OK, thanks patrikryd
[17:32:23] <JamieBennett> [TOPIC] Bugs summary
[17:32:27] <JamieBennett> [LINK]
[17:32:39] <JamieBennett> So thanks to jcrigby we have a lot less to worry about this week
[17:33:06] <JamieBennett> Once we have the new kernel in the hwpacks please test and verify that all fixes are indeed there
[17:33:20] <JamieBennett> any bugs we should be worrying about this week?
[17:33:32] <tgall_foo> Graphical cons is still busted on Beagle C4 (bug #732912)
[17:33:33] <ubot2> Launchpad bug 732912 in linux-linaro-omap "omapdss DISPC error: GFX_FIFO_UNDERFLOW" [Undecided,New]
[17:34:06] <tgall_foo> been talking to kurt taylor to see what we can do about improving the out of box sound support
[17:34:33] * tgall_foo would also beg and pleed that Bug #660604 gets fixed ...
[17:34:34] <ubot2> Launchpad bug 660604 in linux-linaro "Linaro images should utilize EDID" [Low,Triaged]
[17:34:51] <JamieBennett> the latter has been around a while on the ARM images too
[17:35:01] <JamieBennett> for the former, jcrigby have you seen this one?
[17:35:49] <JamieBennett> for the former do you say that there is no gfx output?
[17:35:52] <JamieBennett> is that right?
[17:35:52] <mounir> for 660604 I have assigned it to Nico as per tgall_foo it needs some patches, will see if Nico is willing to handle
[17:35:55] <tgall_foo> yeah it's been around but point being is I would like to think we shouldn't require only a certainly LCD panel for our images to work ... when you don't have the right one, makes for a bad impression
[17:36:02] <jcrigby> I'll look into that. I have a C4 to test on. I usually test on XM
[17:36:11] <tgall_foo> thanks jcrigby
[17:36:31] <mounir> jcrigby, should rI e-assing to you?
[17:36:33] <JamieBennett> yes, thanks jcrigby
[17:36:54] <JamieBennett> tgall_foo: there is a related bug that rsalveti looked into a while back, let me see
[17:38:21] <JamieBennett> my launchpad foo escapes me atm
[17:38:38] <JamieBennett> OK, lets get the Ubuntu ARM team thinking about that too
[17:39:29] <JamieBennett> [ACTION] JamieBennett to look into EDID support status
[17:39:31] <jcrigby> mounir, I just assigned myself
[17:39:38] <JamieBennett> I know multiarch is coming along nicely, slangasek anything of worry there?
[17:39:47] <slangasek> lots of things of worry to me
[17:39:55] <slangasek> not anything I think I should worry you with ;-)
[17:40:14] <slangasek> I'm going to have to spend some time beating php5 into shape so that it copes with the library path changes and is buildable again
[17:40:33] <slangasek> so if I'm in a particularly bad mood tomorrow, you'll know why :D
[17:40:49] <JamieBennett> :)
[17:41:08] <JamieBennett> Great work so far though slangasek, its been a long time coming and its nice to see it happen
[17:41:56] <JamieBennett> if there is anything of particular worry that will stop the images being generated please raise it early :)
[17:42:03] <JamieBennett> so, on to
[17:42:04] <JamieBennett> [TOPIC] AOB
[17:42:16] <JamieBennett> anything else to talk about in our short meeting this week?
[17:42:34] <tgall_foo> say .. since Thursdays are image test day, wouldn't fridays maybe be a better time for this meeting, least presuming we wanted to be looking at fresh bugs ?
[17:43:36] <JamieBennett> tgall_foo: umm, good point. We have always looked back at last weeks bugs in the meetings after some discussion and exploration has happened on them
[17:43:57] <slangasek> I don't think we'll quite reach the point of having multiarch-installable flashplugin-installer as an in-archive showcase for 11.04; there's a FFe, but I don't quite feel right about transitioning all of mesa, gtk+2.0, nss, nspr, and cups in the last 24h before beta freeze
[17:44:01] <JamieBennett> maybe 1 day is not enough to figure out if a bug is actually a bug
[17:44:38] <JamieBennett> slangasek: agreed
[17:45:10] <JamieBennett> slangasek: as far as I'm concerned, we need all the parts in place to have a rocking multi-arch on 11.10 and no breakage on 11.04
[17:45:26] <slangasek> yep, that's the plan
[17:45:40] <slangasek> I'll push the other big scary lib conversions to my ppa for 11.04 though
[17:45:40] <mounir> JamieBennett, maybe in the release meetings under bug section we have a list of new bugs?
[17:45:56] <JamieBennett> tgall_foo: I'll think about the meeting moving to Friday, not sure on that though
[17:46:28] <tgall_foo> JamieBennett, no worries .. justa thought
[17:46:49] <JamieBennett> mounir: I usually bring up all HIGH and above bugs in the meeting, if you want to discuss a particular bug make sure a) its HIGH or above and b) subscribe linaro-release (or c) just bring it up in the meeting)
[17:47:32] <mounir> JamieBennett, ok
[17:47:40] <JamieBennett> OK thanks all for attending
[17:47:42] <JamieBennett> #endmeeting
Meeting ended.

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