Thursday 17th March 2011

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People Present

  • JamieBennett

  • slangasek
  • patrikryd
  • plars
  • tgall_foo
  • JesseBarker

Actions Recorded

  • JesseBarker to test gfx image and report back his findings to tgall_foo, slangasek and JamieBennett

  • JamieBennett to delete -rc images from



Action item review

  • None

Image status

  • Build status Ubuntu derivatives
  • Build status Android








Panda board shuts down during boot

hrw reports its working for him now, needs more investigations



CONFIG_OMAP2_DSS_SDI on OMAP4 causes: Unhandled fault: imprecise external abort (0x1406) at 0x2ada61a8

next version of kernel will have CONFIG_OMAP2_DSS_SDI turned off (breaks n900)



Instabilities with highmem activated

Progress Information

Team reports

Meeting Log

Started logging meeting in #linaro-meeting
[17:02:36] <JamieBennett> [LINK]
[17:02:43] <JamieBennett> should be a short one today
[17:02:49] <JamieBennett> [TOPIC] Announcements
[17:02:58] <JamieBennett> * reorganisation
[17:03:16] <JamieBennett> So we are starting to make the definition between an LEB and a Community build
[17:03:37] <JamieBennett> LEB's should be well tested, problems fixed and some guarantee that they are in good shape
[17:03:58] <JamieBennett> Community are convenience builds, or images that are not quite up to LEB standard
[17:04:11] * slangasek waves
[17:04:14] <JamieBennett> please take a look at the new structure and give comments :)
[17:04:15] <JamieBennett> hey slangasek
[17:04:22] <JamieBennett> hey patrikryd
[17:04:30] <patrikryd> Hi
[17:04:51] <JamieBennett> eventually we will have an android build at
[17:05:46] <JamieBennett> so comments to me on email are fine too ;)
[17:05:47] <plars> Should hwpacks be separate, since they are shared?
[17:06:27] <plars> or is there also a division between official/community hwpacks?
[17:06:33] <slangasek> structure> LGTM
[17:06:38] <JamieBennett> plars: yes, hwpacks keep the same categorisation, LEB = supported Community = not supported
[17:06:44] <slangasek> should the alpha-rcs be kept forever?
[17:06:50] <plars> ok, just one more quick question
[17:06:58] <JamieBennett> slangasek: we could probably blow them away
[17:07:07] <plars> this isn't going to propagate to the snapshots.l.o too right?
[17:07:24] <JamieBennett> plars: at the moment there is no plan to extend this to snapshots.l.o.
[17:07:30] <plars> ok :)
[17:07:35] <JamieBennett> plars: would that be an issue if it happened?
[17:08:01] <plars> Since I have automation that expects things in a specific place, it would
[17:08:04] <plars> that could be fixed
[17:08:12] <plars> but the less churn we have with that, the better I think
[17:08:48] <JamieBennett> OK, if we are going to change anything I'll give you a heads up. The changes have been requested for releases.l.o, nothing yet for snapshots.l.o
[17:08:53] <plars> thanks
[17:09:08] <JamieBennett> in other news ;)
[17:09:11] <JamieBennett> * multimedia and graphics images are back on snapshots.l.o
[17:09:27] <JamieBennett> by request of the dev-platforms team (and the gfx and multimedia WG)
[17:09:48] <JamieBennett> so if you have time (after you've tested the one LEB we have ;) ) then please test them :)
[17:10:04] <JamieBennett> tgall_foo: any comments on the images ?
[17:10:22] <JamieBennett> (gfx and multimedia ones)
[17:10:41] <slangasek> "please test them" - is that directed at the gfx / multimedia WGs in particular?
[17:11:14] <JamieBennett> slangasek: if JesseBarker and sachin care for them being around then yes
[17:11:19] <JamieBennett> of course others can test too :)
[17:11:29] <tgall_foo> JamieBennett, nothing in particular .. they are pretty shiny new ... just geting things onto SD card to test-o-rama
[17:11:40] * JamieBennett nods
[17:11:40] <slangasek> right - just wanted to be clear that the test that matters is that the WGs find them useful :)
[17:11:58] * JesseBarker takes the hint
[17:12:09] <JamieBennett> JesseBarker: can you take an action to look at the Gfx image to see if its what you guys need
[17:12:23] <JesseBarker> JamieBennett, yup!
[17:12:39] <JamieBennett> [ACTION] JesseBarker to test gfx image and report back his findings to tgall_foo, slangasek and JamieBennett
[17:12:43] <JamieBennett> thanks JesseBarker
[17:13:10] <JamieBennett> just to be complete, does anyone care if I blow away the -rc images on
[17:14:20] <JamieBennett> OK, I'll delete then (back them up locally here) and see if anyone complains ;)
[17:14:25] <JamieBennett> [ACTION] JamieBennett to delete -rc images from
[17:15:00] <JamieBennett> last announcement from me
[17:15:02] <JamieBennett> * Weekly testing
[17:15:13] <JamieBennett> [LINK]
[17:15:26] <JamieBennett> please test manually if you have hardware, especially the LEB
[17:16:07] <JamieBennett> anyone else have an annoucement?
[17:17:19] <JamieBennett> OK
[17:17:25] <JamieBennett> [TOPIC] Action item review
[17:17:35] <JamieBennett> nice and easy, we had no actions last week ;)
[17:17:42] <JamieBennett> [TOPIC] Image Status
[17:17:51] <JamieBennett> * Build status Ubuntu derivatives - tgall_foo
[17:18:51] <JamieBennett> tgall_foo: want to say a few words about how the Ubuntu-like images are doing
[17:18:55] <JamieBennett> ?
[17:18:55] <tgall_foo> keeping it short, things are building across the board and the bugs from last week didn't have much for surprises save the beagle C + gfx issue
[17:19:14] <JamieBennett> there was a sound issue as well IIRC?
[17:19:38] <tgall_foo> yes sound out of the box across the OMAP boards that I have doesn't work
[17:20:05] <tgall_foo> EDID is an issue as well ... having hard coded displays not such a good thing
[17:21:07] <tgall_foo> that's about it
[17:21:36] <JamieBennett> OK, thanks tgall_foo
[17:22:09] <JamieBennett> any questions to tgall_foo on Ubuntu-derived builds?
[17:23:03] <JamieBennett> OK, thanks
[17:23:08] <JamieBennett> * Build status Android - patrikryd
[17:23:14] <patrikryd> Android builds stepped up to Android 2.3.3 (Gingerbread)
[17:23:32] <patrikryd> Beagle, Panda, U8500href builds ok.
[17:23:51] <patrikryd> The permission bug is now fixed, so the Beagle and Panda tarballs can be used.
[17:24:12] <patrikryd> u8500href does not boot yet.
[17:25:19] <patrikryd> Nothing more to report.
[17:25:38] <JamieBennett> do you know that the issue is with the u8500 boot?
[17:26:25] <patrikryd> The main problem is that I'm doing other stuff with higher prio.
[17:26:36] <JamieBennett> OK, so more investigations needed
[17:26:47] <patrikryd> yes
[17:26:52] <JamieBennett> thanks for the report patrikryd
[17:27:04] <JamieBennett> any questions for patrikryd wrt our android builds?
[17:27:54] <JamieBennett> OK, thanks patrikryd
[17:27:55] <JamieBennett> [TOPIC] Bugs summary
[17:28:01] <JamieBennett> [LINK]
[17:28:16] <JamieBennett> So there are three pretty high priority bugs there
[17:28:24] <JamieBennett> bug 708883
[17:28:25] <ubot2> Launchpad bug 708883 in linux-linaro-omap "Panda board shuts down during boot" [Undecided,In progress]
[17:28:33] <JamieBennett> bug 720055
[17:28:33] <ubot2> Launchpad bug 720055 in linux-linaro-omap "CONFIG_OMAP2_DSS_SDI on OMAP4 causes: Unhandled fault: imprecise external abort (0x1406) at 0x2ada61a8" [Critical,In progress]
[17:28:39] <JamieBennett> bug 633227
[17:28:41] <ubot2> Launchpad bug 633227 in linux-ti-omap4 "instabilities with highmem activated" [High,Confirmed]
[17:28:53] <JamieBennett> I believe the first two will be fixed on the next kernel upload by jcrigby
[17:28:58] <JamieBennett> slangasek: is that correct?
[17:29:13] <slangasek> that's my understanding yes
[17:29:25] <JamieBennett> we don't seem to have a plan for the third bug
[17:30:08] <slangasek> the third bug is filed against the Ubuntu team's kernel package - has it been confirmed on our kernel as well?
[17:30:41] <slangasek> (it seems likely that it will be - but it's not filed against our packages at all currently)
[17:30:55] <JamieBennett> I seem to remember someone confirming it but its not in the comments
[17:31:04] <JamieBennett> I don't have a panda so cant check
[17:31:29] <JamieBennett> OK, let keep our eye on it and see if it crops up on our side
[17:31:49] <slangasek> the pandas should be migrating in the next week or so; if we can put this on hold for now it should be easier to get it checked out next week
[17:31:57] * JamieBennett nods
[17:31:59] <JamieBennett> good news
[17:32:11] <JamieBennett> any other bugs of note to discuss now?
[17:33:24] <JamieBennett> OK, next section is for you guys
[17:33:25] <JamieBennett> [TOPIC] Progress Discusion
[17:33:41] <JamieBennett> anything that should be raise wrt to progress towards the releases?
[17:34:15] <slangasek> I think things are happy here
[17:34:29] <JesseBarker> We got word that Nux will be relicensed so that the TSC will be okay with doing work on it.
[17:34:31] <JamieBennett> slangasek: great, multi-arch progressing as planned?
[17:34:39] <JamieBennett> JesseBarker: awesome news
[17:34:42] <slangasek> yes - a few rough spots, nothing out of the norm
[17:34:53] <slangasek> e2fsprogs is broken in the installer, working on getting that fixed now
[17:35:01] <slangasek> (the Ubuntu alternate installer, that is)
[17:35:47] <JamieBennett> slangasek: there is still a apt bug wrt to mutli-arch right?
[17:36:00] <slangasek> several - there's one that's affecting the l-i-t test suite
[17:36:08] <slangasek> bug #733741
[17:36:09] <ubot2> Launchpad bug 733741 in linaro-image-tools "python-apt returns architecture == host arch instead of "all"" [High,New]
[17:36:35] <JamieBennett> slangasek: anything to worry about at this stage?
[17:36:50] <slangasek> I don't think so, but I may have tunnel vision :)
[17:36:55] <JamieBennett> :)
[17:37:19] <JamieBennett> Looks like we are progressing well then
[17:37:34] <JamieBennett> [TOPIC] Team reports
[17:37:34] <JamieBennett> All team reports are collated at:
[17:37:34] <JamieBennett> [LINK]
[17:37:43] <JamieBennett> and last but not least
[17:37:44] <JamieBennett> [TOPIC] AOB
[17:37:52] <JamieBennett> Anything else to raise for this meeting?
[17:39:30] <JamieBennett> I said it would be a quick meeting
[17:39:34] <JamieBennett> thanks all for attending
[17:39:38] <JamieBennett> #endmeeting
Meeting ended.

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[TOPIC] Announcements
[TOPIC] Action item review
[TOPIC] Image Status
[TOPIC] Bugs summary
[TOPIC] Progress Discusion
[TOPIC] Team reports
All team reports are collated at:

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