Thursday 26 August 2010

People Present

  • JamieBennett

  • lool
  • slangasek
  • asac
  • kiko
  • rsalveti
  • jcrigby
  • sbambrough
  • james_w
  • mattman_
  • tgall_foo


Actions Recorded

  • asac to supply n900 install instructions for JamieBennett to test Linaro

Actions From Last Week

  • JamieBennett to arrange a bug bot for #linaro-meeting

  • JamieBennett to arrange a vexpress/omap image discussion with lool and asac

  • JamieBennett to propose starting the meeting 30 mins earlier to accommodate all topics including adding a Landing Team discussion

Meeting Log

Started logging meeting in #linaro-meeting
[16:02:09] <JamieBennett> [LINK]
[16:02:16] <JamieBennett> [TOPIC] Action items from last week
[16:02:25] <JamieBennett> JamieBennett to arrange a bug bot for #linaro-meeting
[16:02:33] <JamieBennett> I suck, didn't get anyone to do this for us
[16:02:41] <JamieBennett> JamieBennett to arrange a vexpress/omap image discussion with lool and asac
[16:02:43] <lool> (Wrapping up a call, comingin soon)
[16:03:01] <JamieBennett> We didn't have a meeting but now we have vexpress images that nearly work so that something
[16:03:18] <JamieBennett> thanks to Matt and asac
[16:03:28] <JamieBennett> JamieBennett to propose starting the meeting 30 mins earlier to accommodate all topics including adding a Landing Team discussion
[16:03:37] <JamieBennett> I propose we just try to go faster ;)
[16:03:45] <JamieBennett> [TOPIC] Bugs summary
[16:03:51] <JamieBennett> [LINK]
[16:03:57] <JamieBennett> Bug:605042 - java fails to start with eglibc-2.12-0ubuntu4 - no progress
[16:04:06] <JamieBennett> Bug:615765 - strip corrupts armel archives - no progress
[16:04:16] <JamieBennett> any one have comments on these or other bugs ?
[16:05:11] <JamieBennett> slangasek: bug:615765 - did you get hrw to take a look?
[16:05:20] <lool> here now
[16:05:39] <slangasek> JamieBennett: have not yet, sorry; been working on getting FFes done before beta freeze
[16:06:10] <JamieBennett> slangasek: OK, seems we need it for cross building so if hrw can take a look that would be great
[16:06:36] <JamieBennett> any more on bugs?
[16:06:46] <lool> I poked michaelh on the strip bug, and he is aware of it
[16:06:59] <lool> I think it was last Friday
[16:07:16] * asac is almost here
[16:07:18] <kiko> the strip one is annoying
[16:07:22] <JamieBennett> lool: great
[16:07:33] <lool> eglibc > it's also a bit on the radar of the toolchain WG, but I don't think tehy see it as an important bug right now
[16:08:15] <JamieBennett> OK
[16:08:23] <JamieBennett> [TOPIC] Progress Information
[16:08:29] <JamieBennett> [PROGRESS REPORT] Overall
[16:08:42] <JamieBennett> [LINK]
[16:08:47] <JamieBennett> [LINK]
[16:08:54] <JamieBennett> [LINK]
[16:08:59] <JamieBennett> [LINK]
[16:09:11] <JamieBennett> Only User Platforms gets a gold star this week
[16:09:26] <asac> because we didnt close a single WI this week ;)
[16:09:33] <asac> thats the alf gone factor
[16:09:38] <asac> j.k.
[16:09:40] <JamieBennett> asac: because your under the trend line ;)
[16:09:44] <JamieBennett> [PROGRESS REPORT] Targeted
[16:09:58] <JamieBennett> [LINK]
[16:10:02] <JamieBennett> [LINK]
[16:10:04] <asac> hmm. seems we picked up a new spec or something in overall chart? e.g. our red increased here
[16:10:05] <JamieBennett> [LINK]
[16:10:09] <JamieBennett> [LINK]
[16:10:32] <JamieBennett> asac: I think Infrastructure picked some up but lets leave that to the team reports section
[16:10:42] <JamieBennett> speaking of which ...
[16:10:44] <JamieBennett> [TOPIC] Team reports
[16:10:49] <JamieBennett> [PROGRESS REPORT] Foundations
[16:10:53] <JamieBennett> slangasek: shoot
[16:10:54] <slangasek> arm-m-ael-alip-evaluation: working through python cross-build, pushing x-build bugs to the Ubuntu packages
[16:10:57] <slangasek> arm-m-cross-compilers: last changes merged, awaiting upload
[16:11:00] <slangasek> arm-m-debugging-with-oprofile: DONE
[16:11:02] <slangasek> arm-m-kernel-version-alignment: final stable tree in place for 2.6.35; set of packaged images to produce for 10.11 is settled
[16:11:06] <slangasek> arm-m-memory-footprint: no progress to note this week
[16:11:08] <slangasek> arm-m-missing-security-features: exec ASLR done, waiting on Ubuntu security team for further testing
[16:11:12] <slangasek> arm-m-testsuites-and-profilers: DONE
[16:11:14] <slangasek> arm-m-uboot-features-and-performance: initial u-boot package FFe'd and in the archive - Ubuntu ARM team will use it for one of their deliverables this cycle!
[16:11:18] <slangasek> arm-m-xdeb-cross-compilation-environment: multistrap, pdebuild-cross uploaded to Ubuntu; resolution of xdeb cross-Package downloading next week
[16:11:21] <slangasek> foundations-m-multiarch-support: no progress this week, will postpone work items
[16:11:25] <slangasek> EOF
[16:11:29] <slangasek> questions for me?
[16:11:47] <JamieBennett> slangasek: ael-alip looks like a worry for this cycle, is that correct (along with multi-arch)
[16:12:17] <slangasek> lool: just to confirm, you don't have any plans to add further flavors to u-boot or linux between now and release, do you?
[16:12:38] <kiko> slangasek, lool, what flavors are we currently carrying?
[16:12:38] <lool> slangasek: Is u-boot a bit issue?
[16:13:04] <lool> slangasek: linux > not really; people asked for stuff, but it will be a no for now
[16:13:41] <slangasek> JamieBennett: it has been slow going; I understand ARM has an internal release date for their next AEL/ALIP next month, which is too soon for this to be completely ready (and not a deadline I knew about until Tuesday)
[16:13:55] <JamieBennett> slangasek: :(
[16:13:59] <kiko> shame
[16:14:12] <JamieBennett> OK lets make sure this happens in 'N'
[16:14:34] <JamieBennett> lool: have you any foresight onto u-boot changes for new arches?
[16:14:53] <lool> I'm double checking what's in ubuntu right now
[16:14:55] <slangasek> JamieBennett: it will be there for their /next/ release for sure, and they'll at least be able to do some of the AEL/ALIP images the Linaro way by 10.11, but I don't know yet if that'll include the whole stack
[16:15:17] <slangasek> lool: u-boot is less of an issue, but we ought to be in bugfix mode now wrt the archive
[16:15:17] <lool> Oh the flavors are in individual binary packages
[16:15:35] <lool> Well, I see only omap3-beagle
[16:16:04] <lool> It's ok, we don't need much more in archive I guess
[16:16:05] <JamieBennett> vexpress should be there too
[16:16:11] <lool> I think XM and igep would be good
[16:16:22] <lool> JamieBennett: it is, u-boot-linaro-ca9x4-ct-vxp
[16:16:28] <JamieBennett> cool
[16:17:01] <lool> IGEP in particular has a default config where it doens't boot from SD unless theres a bootloader
[16:17:18] <lool> IIRC
[16:17:33] <kiko> slangasek, lool, what flavors are we currently carrying?
[16:17:38] <lool> So OMAP3 sucks a bit, but we could give manual recipes rather than using packages
[16:17:46] <lool> Like, use this PPA for IGEP or something
[16:17:55] <slangasek> lool: right, if there are incremental improvements needed to get that package working on the hardware we already have in hand, that's probably reasonable too
[16:18:01] <asac> one question: should we move our images to our u-boot now that we have that?
[16:18:05] <lool> u-boot-linaro-omap3-beagle u-boot-linaro-omap4-panda u-boot-linaro-mx51evk u-boot-linaro-ca9x4-ct-vxp
[16:18:08] <lool> kiko: ^
[16:18:11] <asac> i think for omap4 this will definitly happen
[16:18:18] <asac> but the others? are they good enough?
[16:18:25] <JamieBennett> jcrigby: ^
[16:18:33] <lool> slangasek: I think it would have been easier with a single binary package, but it's ok for this cycle
[16:18:53] <lool> it's not incorrect to split, just will be more intrusive to add flavours
[16:19:03] <kiko> I think that is.. good. I wish we had st-e or samsung kernels available in ppas at least by now
[16:19:10] <lool> asac: I wish we do for the boards where we have an u-boot, yes!
[16:19:21] <asac> kk
[16:19:28] <slangasek> asac: if "our" images are the Linaro ones, then I think the answer is yes, and if they turn out not to be good enough for some reason, we roll back - but you mentioned omap4 first, are we doing omap4 images today?
[16:19:42] <slangasek> Ubuntu ARM is, and they're going to be using our u-boot-linaro package there \o/
[16:19:50] <lool> We are doing OMAP images and our OMAP kernel is supposed to support OMAP4 to some level
[16:19:51] <asac> not, but really soon - though i want to wait for hardware packs before adding more
[16:19:56] <lool> except it didn't due to config accident
[16:19:57] <kiko> pretty neat
[16:20:16] <asac> yeah. lets celebrate that our u-boot works for omap4 ;)
[16:20:17] <lool> slangasek: I understand jcrigby is sending an updated omap config which turns on upstream OMAP4 support (UP only)
[16:20:20] <asac> even though we dont have a board :-P
[16:20:24] <rsalveti> :-)
[16:20:30] * JamieBennett is still unclear exactly what images will be there on release day :(
[16:20:30] <jcrigby> lool:sorry too intrude but when I try turning on omap4 I get assembler errors
[16:20:38] <jcrigby> I filed a bug
[16:20:42] <kiko> JamieBennett, you mean which hardware packs?
[16:20:47] <JamieBennett> kiko: yes
[16:20:47] <lool> jcrigby: Thanks; LP #?
[16:20:52] * sbambrough thinks the meeting is being derailed like last time
[16:20:54] <asac> JamieBennett: official: headless + a couple of architectures depending on the QA feedback we get
[16:20:58] <kiko> JamieBennett, I think lool gave the list above
[16:20:58] <slangasek> asac: I'm celebrating that our arm world domination plan is working, we're the upstream already :)
[16:21:00] <asac> JamieBennett: hard commit is omap3 and vexpress
[16:21:06] <JamieBennett> i.e. images
[16:21:07] <asac> slangasek: yay!
[16:21:08] <lool> sbambrough: You're correct, it's kiko! :-)
[16:21:24] <asac> JamieBennett: unofficial: a bunch of convenience heads
[16:21:43] <JamieBennett> anyway, lets move on before we run out of time again
[16:21:50] <kiko> la la la
[16:21:50] <JamieBennett> OK, I have nothing more for Foundations, only to say we are wwwaaaayyyy behind according to the tracker
[16:21:56] <JamieBennett> [PROGRESS REPORT] Infrastructure
[16:22:10] <asac> JamieBennett: only commitment is linaro-netbook-efl ... the rest is opportunity to make the world rave
[16:22:11] <sbambrough> * LEP/DerivativeDistributions: Backend work nearly complete. UI mockups look good, still undergoing user testing. Data modelling started based on early feedback. Frontend implementation will start soon. Tentative target for completion is end of September. This target will be revisited after usability testing complete. LP team loses a resource for this work at end of September.
[16:22:20] <sbambrough> * arm-m-private-archive-hosting-infrastructure: New views selected for vostok. Binary uploads change reviewed. Changes made based on feedback. Final review needed, then it should land. Plugging away at other work items.
[16:22:29] <sbambrough> * arm-m-derived-archive-rebuild: Slow progress due to James being busy with other things. DB change touch many things, so merge request likely to be large, hence there is a slowdown, as this has to be exactly right.
[16:22:39] <sbambrough> * arm-m-image-building-tool: Blueprint complete.
[16:22:49] <sbambrough> * arm-m-image-building-console: Working on getting several branches landed. New name for release to be chosen by beta time. Ian to follow up. Started talking about documentation. Feedback from IBM and TI on documentation. Currently investigating deployment strategies.
[16:22:58] <sbambrough> * arm-m-automated-testing-framework: Packaging branch finished. Working on results subcommand.
[16:23:07] <sbambrough> * arm-m-validation-dashboard: Some branches merged. Working on getting remainin branches landed. Target for completion is Wed. Will start new work items when this happens. Demo needs to be ready by Sept 13.
[16:23:18] <sbambrough> * hardware-packs: James reviewing and expanding on spec. Implementation not started.
[16:23:28] <sbambrough> * isotracker: Isotracker instance for us to use, and now points to it. Working on UI and populating it.
[16:23:37] <sbambrough> * x-project-blueprint-references: Picked up Launchpad spec Estimated work required as about 2 days. Targetting this to be on mid-late Sept.
[16:24:10] <sbambrough> we have been working on several things (last 3 items) not tracked by blueprints ATM
[16:24:48] <sbambrough> some of the blueprints have had new work items added as others indicated more work to be done
[16:24:56] <sbambrough> any questions?
[16:25:01] <JamieBennett> sbambrough: so nothing much releases related but with my blueprint hat on (looks nice btw) image-building-console and especially validation dashboard have lost of TODO (some still targeted at alpha-3!)
[16:25:17] <JamieBennett> lots
[16:25:23] <JamieBennett> any issues there?
[16:25:45] <sbambrough> image building console has a lot of changes awaiting review by Cody
[16:25:47] <kiko> yes, zyga needs to write patches in smaller pieces? :)
[16:25:55] <sbambrough> np, with that
[16:25:55] <JamieBennett> heh
[16:25:59] <asac> sbambrough: any idea about first hardware pack code drop?
[16:26:16] <asac> if it takes too long i will jump the gun and probably do something hacky ;)
[16:26:30] <sbambrough> none atm, lets take it offline
[16:26:31] <JamieBennett> asac said that last week ;)
[16:26:56] <JamieBennett> OK, your turn asac
[16:26:57] <JamieBennett> [PROGRESS REPORT] User Platforms
[16:26:58] <kiko> sbambrough, let's push derived-archive-rebuild to N
[16:27:14] <asac> JamieBennett: what did i say last week?
[16:27:26] <JamieBennett> asac: about hacking hardware packs :)
[16:27:27] <kiko> sbambrough, I don't think it's critical and it will benefit from the cross-compiler being more stable
[16:27:37] <sbambrough> kiko, can do
[16:27:44] <asac> ok ... geting started. status:
[16:27:52] <asac> arm-m-ael-alip-evaluation: ambitious goal to land seed today and first image by EOW
[16:27:55] <asac> arm-m-gps-on-netbooks: will get deferred to final and if i dont get FFe for the app goe into ppa
[16:27:58] <asac> arm-m-graphics-stack-on-x: unity stack is moving, but will need to be pushed to 10.10
[16:28:01] <asac> arm-m-liquid: (linaro-handset-plasma head); close to seed delivery; rbelem is back and started work on things again; not much archive work to be done that cant be dropped
[16:28:04] <asac> arm-m-qt-mobility-apis: decision pending if we can make a test head that has this. maybe liquid
[16:28:07] <asac> arm-m-qt-on-embedded: on track; qt-qws will go in ppa because slangasek didnt like it ;)
[16:28:10] <asac> arm-m-telephony-stack: blocked on hardware; we are finalizing n900 plan this week; will get pushed to 10.10 milestone
[16:28:13] <asac> arm-m-ui-and-test-heads: ambitious, but partly on track; need alf back from holiday
[16:28:16] <asac> out of spec: + seed package will be in linaro overlay ppa this week + image build for those will be set up for them (only omap until we have hardware packs) + hardware packs; infrastructure, but i am still standing in line to help out if things dont move hacky enough
[16:28:20] <asac> shit
[16:28:22] <asac> + seed package will be in linaro overlay ppa this week
[16:28:24] <asac> :((
[16:28:27] <asac> again:
[16:28:27] <asac> + image build for those will be set up for them (only omap until we have hardware packs)
[16:28:31] <asac> out of spec:
[16:28:38] <asac> + linaro-media-create: vexpress will land soon; harwdare packs implementation will have to land too; for u-boot we will get a hardware pack light to not need to hack live-helper for each board; mob500 (stericsson) as first patch pending
[16:28:45] <asac> + vexpress: mentoring, help for mattman probably needed to make this the way we want things to happen (e.g. OOB with minimal manual interaction)
[16:28:55] <asac> + clutk fixes moving for unity.
[16:28:58] <asac> EOF
[16:29:08] <slangasek> asac: I wasn't the only one, jdstrand also rejected this package :)
[16:29:23] <kiko> asac, sbambrough: I"m concerend about hwpacks being on the critical path
[16:29:26] <asac> right. but you are in team ;) ... so thats closer to treason ;)
[16:29:42] <kiko> asac, sbambrough: do we need to do something special to ensure it's safe?
[16:30:18] <asac> kiko: well. james is doing the right thing, doing thorough planning, reviewing all the corner cases
[16:30:34] <kiko> I understand, and yet, I am worried
[16:30:36] <asac> i would have done a quick solution that might not have been right for all cornder cases
[16:30:49] <sbambrough> hardware packs shouldn't hold up the seeds
[16:30:54] <asac> i dont feel like telling james to just do something quick ... so i am still there to do that
[16:31:27] <kiko> could someone else help?
[16:31:57] <sbambrough> not until we know what we want to build and how
[16:32:00] <lool> I think we shouldn't block on them for anything we try to do
[16:32:18] <lool> I prefer we get a decent design and do something ad hoc this cycle
[16:32:20] <sbambrough> that shouldn't be too much longer however
[16:32:21] <lool> like manual instructions
[16:32:34] <asac> we can do ad hoc hardware packs
[16:32:42] <asac> without upgrading them etc.
[16:32:46] <asac> just for download and install
[16:32:47] <kiko> asac, sbambrough: explore the option of doing a limited poc, or defaulting to lool's manual suggestion if that doesn't work
[16:33:16] <kiko> ok, seems like we're agreeing
[16:33:16] <asac> the manual instructions could quite easily be put in a script
[16:33:20] <asac> ;)
[16:33:23] <asac> yeah
[16:33:27] <james_w> I'm aiming to get the spec fleshed out today/tomorrow. Should be easy to do something simple after that.
[16:33:37] <asac> great... you are awesome james_w
[16:33:37] <kiko> slangasek, what did you and jdstrand not like about the qt-qws stuff?
[16:33:44] <asac> for a) doing it and b) coming here and reporting ;)
[16:33:54] <kiko> james_w, you the man :)
[16:34:08] <JamieBennett> asac: so we will be able to send sms messages in Linaro this cycle also what was the gps app you are trying to get into the archive?
[16:34:17] <asac> kiko: it was a code duplication
[16:34:23] <kiko> asac, IC
[16:34:40] <slangasek> kiko: it's a huge code duplication in the archive; half the binaries it produces are *100% ABI compatible* with the existing qt4 libraries, except for the decorated SONAMEs; I don't think this is ready to go into Ubuntu in the state it's in, I would like to see this evolve towards a more permanent and sustainable solution first
[16:34:42] <kiko> JamieBennett, could you possibly find time to test the linaro images on your n900 to see if the sms stuff actually works?
[16:35:00] <JamieBennett> kiko: If someone gives me instructions, sure
[16:35:17] <kiko> asac (or tgall_foo), meet JamieBennett
[16:35:20] <kiko> :)
[16:35:25] <JamieBennett> heh
[16:35:44] <asac> ok thanks
[16:36:10] <JamieBennett> [ACTION] asac to supply n900 install instructions for JamieBennett to test Linaro
[16:36:16] <asac> err?
[16:36:18] <JamieBennett> :)
[16:36:35] <asac> check with me. i am not sure i can give you that. but lets see
[16:36:45] <JamieBennett> I have the hardware, if you can let me know how to test it
[16:37:09] <JamieBennett> anything else for User Platforms?
[16:37:25] * lool should test that too
[16:37:37] <JamieBennett> [PROGRESS REPORT] Landing Teams
[16:37:46] <JamieBennett> mattman_: ^ hows vexpress going
[16:37:47] <JamieBennett> ?
[16:38:27] <kiko> yes lool should
[16:38:44] <mattman_> JamieBennett: the new image boots to a shell prompt as long as I copy the u-boot manually to the daily-image.
[16:39:07] <mattman_> that's a shell prompt from the rootfs on the SD card.
[16:39:08] <lool> awesome; is it the binary u-boot we build?
[16:39:17] <asac> yes its our u-boot
[16:39:29] <tgall_foo> Hi JamieBennett :-)
[16:39:46] <asac> mattman and i will talk about a way to auto do that during image burn ... which already is kind of in the hardware pack spirit ;)
[16:39:46] <lool> Ok; so we need to integrate things a bit more, but we're almost there; installation instructions and the flash-kernel bits are also missing
[16:39:49] <JamieBennett> hey tgall_foo :) we should talk n900's later ;)
[16:40:04] <tgall_foo> JamieBennett, sounds good was just checking up on the back scroll
[16:40:18] <mattman_> lool: flash-kernel and uInitrd
[16:40:33] <mattman_> the uinitrd is there I just haven't got it working
[16:40:55] <mattman_> and when I tried to boot to an image on the USB it didn't work.
[16:41:05] <mattman_> let me resay that
[16:41:25] <mattman_> when I tried to boot to a rootfs on a USB drive it failed.
[16:41:42] <lool> but if uInitrd is not working, that's expected
[16:41:52] <mattman_> correct
[16:42:13] <mattman_> once I get uInitrd up then I can insmod the USB parts I need and it will work
[16:42:26] <lool> It looks like only image writing scripts and flash-kernel require changes to the archive, which isn't too bad
[16:42:32] <lool> perhaps some vexpress kernel tweaks
[16:42:56] <mattman_> i agree with that summary.
[16:43:07] <JamieBennett> great
[16:43:14] <lool> OMAP3 is not too good
[16:43:20] <JamieBennett> anything else Landing Team related to report
[16:43:20] <lool> IGEP has tons of breakage
[16:43:24] <JamieBennett> ah, go lool
[16:43:45] <lool> But XM and Beagle are somewhat supported, not very deeply tested though
[16:44:02] <lool> Notably some kernel issues on IGEP
[16:44:04] <kiko> lool, I will have an IGEP very soon and I expect somebody to fix it!!! :)
[16:44:05] <lool> also we lack u-boot for IGEP
[16:44:26] <JamieBennett> is that planned jcrigby ?
[16:44:32] <lool> Thankfully, other people helped a bit on OMAP3 support suhc as tgall_foo working on image scripts
[16:44:42] <sbambrough> lool, I also suggested IGEP for my new assignee as hardware
[16:44:47] <lool> JamieBennett: problem is that the u-boot support isn't upstream, only in the isee tree
[16:45:05] <lool> Well IGEP will work eventually, it's just not too happy for release right now
[16:45:20] <JamieBennett> OK
[16:45:22] <lool> the top issue is the eth0 missing right now, and lack of u-boot + flash-kernel support
[16:45:38] <lool> michaelh has a workaround for eth0, the rest is just work
[16:45:46] <lool> but it's progressing very slowly
[16:46:03] <lool> I think that's all for Landing Teams
[16:46:13] <jcrigby> JamieBennett, I think you make my plans
[16:46:31] <lool> the news are mostly that we got closer to doing interesting bits on OMAP3 platforms
[16:46:37] <JamieBennett> heh, I think thats kiko's crazy visons ;)
[16:46:44] <JamieBennett> jcrigby: ^
[16:47:20] <kiko> poor me
[16:47:30] <JamieBennett> OK moving on
[16:47:31] <JamieBennett> [PROGRESS REPORT] Kernel Consolidation
[16:47:36] <JamieBennett> lool, your up again
[16:48:27] <lool> Nothing new for release; I had an useful reset call with slangasek and npitre about release process, and we'll be following up tomorrow with jcrigby for the actual way of doing it, but we have a 2.6.35 based tree in Ubuntu + Linaro images already
[16:48:51] <lool> There are misc upstreamish issues on OMAP3 which need to be looked at, but that's mostly landing teams
[16:49:02] <lool> I think that's all
[16:49:51] <JamieBennett> [PROGRESS REPORT] Toolchain
[16:50:20] <lool> I wasn't in this week's call, but the 4.5 rebase is mostly done now
[16:50:41] <lool> next release is nearing up, it's almost time to shut down dev, but I don't think 4.4 will make it to Ubuntu, perhaps 4.5 will
[16:51:03] <lool> A lot of important backports made their way to our tree, notably things which ARM developed and would like to see in this cycle
[16:51:19] <lool> But it's ok to release them as a separate download, i.e. not in Ubuntu's gcc-4.4/-4.5 AIUI
[16:51:40] <JamieBennett> OK, makes sense
[16:51:40] <lool> the more 4.5 work we can land, the better, but will need FFEs if we want to push it next week
[16:51:53] <lool> I think the glibc plan was mostly abandoned
[16:52:00] <lool> too intrusive
[16:52:05] <kiko> lool, which glibc plan?
[16:52:07] <JamieBennett> right
[16:52:15] <lool> kiko: faster memcpy
[16:52:30] <JamieBennett> lool: will we be testing this out of tree though?
[16:52:42] <kiko> lool, I think it's what the team is now working on, but it won't make it into the archive
[16:52:48] <kiko> it will make it into a TCWG release
[16:52:57] <lool> JamieBennett: Well I wish we have some kind of PPA with it, but it's too risky to pull it into a release apparently
[16:53:13] <JamieBennett> PPA would be fine
[16:53:14] <lool> kiko: Not sure eglibc is on the radar for a tarball release anytime soon
[16:53:18] <lool> kiko: I think the next one is gdb
[16:53:30] <kiko> lool, they will release it standalone first
[16:53:31] <lool> but a proof of concept package, and patches on the upstream list would be a good first step
[16:53:34] <kiko> is my understanding at least
[16:53:38] <lool> Hmm ok
[16:53:38] <kiko> right
[16:53:45] <kiko> that's what's currently being started
[16:53:46] <lool> need to check with michaelh about the PPA anyway, will ask
[16:53:59] <lool> valgrind is pending upstream updates
[16:54:08] <lool> I'm tempted to declare it too late for this cycle, but I didn't see the final version
[16:54:35] <lool> (the Thumb/ARM goodness branch was merged into trunk upstream, but I don't know in what shape the upstream trunk is nor how intrusive the diff is)
[16:54:44] <lool> Peter is looking into that branch
[16:55:16] <JamieBennett> anything else toolchain?
[16:55:48] <JamieBennett> [PROGRESS REPORT] Power Management
[16:55:57] <JamieBennett> amitk isn't here and he didn't send me a report
[16:56:04] <lool> JamieBennett: nope, thanks
[16:56:06] <JamieBennett> so anyone have something to ad?
[16:56:08] <JamieBennett> add
[16:56:15] <lool> I wasn't in this week's meeting either
[16:56:45] <JamieBennett> [TOPIC] AOB
[16:56:50] <JamieBennett> Wow, under an hour :)
[16:57:09] <JamieBennett> anything else to note this week?
[16:57:27] <lool> JamieBennett: congrats for keeping it short
[16:57:38] <JamieBennett> lool: heh, last week was a rush
[16:57:44] <lool> and I was slow
[16:57:55] <JamieBennett> closing the meeting, going once ...
[16:57:57] <JamieBennett> twice ...
[16:58:04] <JamieBennett> #endmeeting
Meeting ended.

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[TOPIC] Action items from last week
[TOPIC] Bugs summary
Bug:605042 - java fails to start with eglibc-2.12-0ubuntu4 - no progress
Bug:615765 - strip corrupts armel archives - no progress
[TOPIC] Progress Information
[TOPIC] Team reports
[PROGRESS REPORT] Infrastructure
[PROGRESS REPORT] User Platforms
[PROGRESS REPORT] Kernel Consolidation
[PROGRESS REPORT] Power Management

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