Wednesday 17th August 2010

Image Building Discussion



  • Steps involved currently when building Linaro images.
    • How a daily image becomes a release.
    • "Pushing the button".
    • Bug tracking for the images.
  • Transferal of image building to the Release Manager.
    • Foreseen problems.
  • Whats involved in adding a new board image (separate image).
    • Lexbuilder configs in bzr.
    • Requesting a new lexbuilder build.
    • Bug handling.
    • Naming conventions.
  • Next steps, how to produce a single image for multiple boards.
    • Single image combined with board specific parts:
      • At boot-time (either added or removed from the image).
      • At flash time (either added or removed from the image).
    • Testing story.


Below are the notes that came out of the meeting.

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