What was done?

Builds and Baselines


  • Linux Linaro 3.19-rc5-2015.01 is released (CARD-788):
    • based on v3.19-rc5
    • updated linaro-android topic
    • GATOR topic updated to version 5.20.1
    • builddeb topic: fixes for the dtb files location changes in 3.19 (vendor subdir introduced)
    • updated integration-linaro-vexpress64 topic by ARM LT (FVP Base and Foundation models, and Juno support)
    • updated topic from Qualcomm LT (IFC6410 board support)
    • updated topic from HiSilicon LT (Hi36xx, HiP04, and X5HD2 families support)

    • updated LLVM topic (uses the community llvmlinux-latest branch)
    • included ILP32 patch set v3 (https://lkml.org/lkml/2014/9/3/704) rebased on 3.19-rc5. Initial tests using syscalls LTP tests are done: msgctl07 stalls when using ILP32 userland (no stall with LP64 userland). (CARD-1161)

    • config fragments updated:
      • audit.conf added to enable the audit feature testing on ARMv8
      • vexpress64: enabled devices used on Juno
      • Linaro builds of AOSP 15.01 is released (CARD-789):
  • Android builds have been updated to 5.0.2
  • Juno firmware has been updated to 0.10.1
  • Linaro OpenEmbedded 2015.01 is released (CARD-787):

    • integrated Linaro binutils 2.25-2015.01
    • fixed linux-dummy after shared workdir changes in oe-core
    • updated linux-linaro(-stable) recipes
    • cleaned up overlayed recipes
    • added image recipe for ILP32 with LTP included (CARD-1161)
    • fixed GCC-4.8 builds
    • fixed LNG x86 machines
    • added workaround LAVA-isms with shell prompt
    • updated GATOR recipe to 5.20.1
    • upstreaming:
      • fixed libgpg recipe in oe-core
  • Linaro Ubuntu 15.01 is released (CARD-786):
    • updated packages: Juno firmware 0.10.1, linux-firmware (include firmware needed for LCB), LSK 3.10.65/3.14.29 and linux-linaro 3.19-rc5 kernels
  • CI bring up: UpdateCapsule functionality testing (CARD-1655)

  • Debian x86_64 kernel/rootfs build with NFS support (CARD-1784)
  • CI bring up: audit enabled build (CARD-1798)
  • Add Debian arm64 rootfs (DEVPLAT-267)

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