Android Engineering

What was done?

  • Android stack was tuned to achieve 100% CTS pass result on Android 4.3
  • Analyzing the UEFI EDK II boot loader for Android completed, implementation of fastboot application and USB drivers in progress.

Builds and Baselines

What was done?

  • Linaro Stable Kernel (beta) 3.10.9-2013.08 released

    • Based on 3.10.9 stable tree
    • big.LITTLE support:
      • ARM MP patch set
      • IKS
    • VExpress TC2 support
    • Power efficient workqueue support
    • Android v3.10 experimental patch set from AOSP
    • Interactive scheduler enhancements for big.LITTLE
  • Linux Linaro 3.11-rc6-2013.08 released
    • based on linux-linaro-core-tracking tree, llct-20130820.0 tag:
      • based on v3.11-rc6
      • gator version 5.15 (same version as in 13.06 release)
      • updated linaro-android-3.11 topic by John Stultz
      • new big-little-mp topic from ARM LT replaced the big-LITTLE-MP-master-v* used before
      • updated big-LITTLE-pmu, iks, and iks-cpufreq topics from ARM LT
      • binder 64 bit patch
      • updated interactive-gov-updates topic from Viresh Kumar
      • basic Capri board support from Broadcom LT
    • updated Versatile Express patches from ARM LT
    • updated arndale/exynos patches from Samsung LT
    • vexpress64 support (both RTSM and Foundation model)
    • config fragments changes:
      • omap4.conf is no longer used for PandaBoard: new omap2plus.conf and panda.conf have been created (to make tracking the community changes easier)

  • Linaro Toolchain Binaries 2013.08 released
    • includes latest Linaro GCC 4.8 2013.08 release
    • improving optimizations and improving Aarch64 support
  • Linaro Android baseline updates
    • Android Baselines updated to Android 4.3 for all the Engineering and Member builds
    • Android builds updated to build with Linaro GCC 4.8 2013.08 release
    • Helper scripts developed to boot Android over NFS
    • Fujitsu member build is set up with complete CI loop
    • Android NDK (Native Development Kit) based on Linaro Toolchain is delivered
  • Linaro OpenEmbedded baseline updates

    • Update to Linaro GCC 4.8-2013.08 release
    • Remove meta-openembedded/toolchain layer
    • Add meta-bigendian to default layers
    • Add meta-filesystems layer
    • Whitelist non-commercial license on all images
    • Add Fedora support and clean up dependencies based on Yocto Project Reference Manual
    • New leg-java images have builds of openjdk-7 and openjdk-8
    • Python (2.7.3) available in LAMP image
    • Engineering builds for Networking (big endian and little endian) are built daily
  • Linaro Ubuntu baseline updates
    • CI loop has been improved: packages can be cross-built and uploaded to
    • Calxeda EnergyCore (Highbank) CI loop is completed

    • Fujitsu member build is set up with complete CI loop
    • package updates: libvirt updated to 1.1.1; openssl (include support for ARM NEON based bit sliced AES in XTS mode, contributed from LEG)


What was done?

  • Started making progress on kexec 64 support
  • Posted uprobes32 code for public review
  • Started testing of randconfig on ARM32 to find random build issues
  • Device Tree bindings for Android keyreset merged for 3.12
  • option to log time spent in suspend delivered in 3.11
  • fixed vfat get volume id ioctl and delivered in 3.11 mainline


What was done?

  • LAVA Lab
    • LNG isolated performance test rack starting to come together
  • LAVA Core
    • Improved complete-log view (added links for Line/Section #s)
    • Interactive bootloader commands working on all devices
      • Added support for Android platforms
    • New action: deploy_linaro_image has been added
      • Allows provisioning of kernel, ramdisk, dtb, bootloader, firmware, and rootfs using TFTP
      • KVM/QEMU supported
      • lava-test-shell supported with minimal busybox ramdisk
    • TI Keystone II integrated into LAVA
    • Fujitsu AA9 integrated into LAVA
      • Supports Android
    • Automated functional LAVA testing
      • Checks for regressions by running common LAVA jobs
    • Multi-Node support in final days of staging verification. Production release scheduled immediately after release week.
    • Review feedback and start a plan to revamp the LAVA documentation
      • Draft Outline created
    • Added capability to integrate LAVA instance with Google Analytics
  • Linaro Infrastructure
    • Beta staging git services released to improve Linaro git services
    • Output manifest from Android builds now includes repository/branch descriptions.


What was done?


What was done?

  • The real time patch set for 3.10.6 + rt3 became available and LNG moved its stable kernels to 3.10.6 and 3.10.6 + rt3
  • The CONFIG_NO_HZ_FULL config fragment resulted in bug 1215507 in the preempt rt image, and so NO_HZ has been disabled
  • The CI loop now runs the LTP and LTP real-time regression test suites against the LNG Kernels
  • LNG image based on Linaro OpenEmbedded baseline boots on Arndale

  • Building with the debug flags enabled resulted in a bug 215471 - deadlock when CONFIG_KEYBOARD_GPIO is enabled with debug on.
  • meta-bigendian layer has been merged in Linaro OpenEmbedded baseline

Power Management

What was done?

  • Linaro Powerdebug 0.7.0-2013.08 released
    • add gpio modification function
  • Linaro Powertop 2.2-2013.08 released
    • upstream branch rebased to mainline
  • Linaro PM QA 0.4.3-2013.08 released
    • fix an Android runtime failure


What was done?

  • Successfully completed 13.08 release testing on Android (linux-linaro and LSK), Ubuntu and OpenEmbedded builds. Test results and bug reports have been shared.

  • Manual PXE on UEFI testing was performed on Versatile Express A9 board.
  • Test planning completed for LSK
  • Test planning completed for Networking Group (LNG)


What was done?

  • Linaro GCC 4.8 2013.08 released, based off the latest GCC 4.8.1+svn201477 release.
    • Updates to GCC 4.8.1+svn201477
    • Improved shrink-wrapping optimization
    • Improved tail-calls optimization
    • Improved AArch64 support (instructions, intrinsics)
    • Improved AArch64 vectorizer cost model
    • Backports for bug fixes
  • Linaro GCC 4.7 2013.08 released, based off the latest GCC 4.7.3+svn201655 release.
  • GCC:
    • Shrink-wrapping support for ARM backported to 2013.08 and issues fixed
    • Value range propagation patches posted for review
  • Libraries and Developer Tools:
    • Improved strlen patches posted upstream
  • LLVM:
    • Added support for aeabi_divmod


What was done?

  • Final version of HYP mode switching support for ARMv7-A is ready and went upstream.
  • ARMv7 Guest Migration (same HW/SW) functionality implementation is ready and now is being upstreamed.
  • hackbench is configured in LAVA for testing KVM; also added to CI loop.

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