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The Linaro 12.07 release is now available!

The Linaro 12.07 release highlights the quality, effort and work of all the Linaro Teams – Working Groups, Landing Teams and Platform Teams – who have provided all the updates and new features that are integrated on top of Android and Ubuntu during this release cycle. The 12.07 release is another example of how Linaro, together with its members, partners and community continue to build upon the future of Linux on ARM one release and line of code at a time.

The LAVA team added new test views for its daily testing processes as well as updates to the way its deployment tool works by implementing a new method which uses zc.buildout which works consistently and in a repeatably fashion.

Linaro continues to make progress in big.LITTLE development as the ARM Landing Team delivers support for ARM TC2 (TestChip2) tile for the vexpress board. (TC2 is a big.LITTLE core with 2 Cortex A15 and 3 Cortex a7 processors). The Linaro Power Management group delivers its first submissions of big.LITTLE MP functionality (git:// during the 12.07 release cycle as well.

The LAVA team was able to release the first boot log from the new big.LITTLE Versatile Express which is currently located in its LAVA lab. Additionally, the Developer Platform team reports that the Linaro ALIP is now using LXDE as the default enviroment, with a reduced image for better performance at ARM targets, such as Vexpress and FastModels. Linux Linaro updated on top of the latest upstream release (3.5), which reflects the latest changes and development available at Linaro, such as big.LITTLE MP.

The Linaro Android team adds baselines for theGalaxy Nexus and Pandaboard complete with our extra's. Also, deployed this month in LAVA were the Android benchmarking apps for Pandaboard, Snowball and Origen which included vellamo, quadrant, nbench, linpack, glbenchmark, geekbench, caffeinemark, antutu, and AndEBench.

In addition to these improvements the Developer Platform team notes that Kernel packages are updated to reflect the latest development trees from Linux Linaro (lct/ll-3.5 and llt-3.4) and the Landing Teams. CI jobs for the Ubuntu Kernel Packages are now cross compiled at Jenkings, then pushed directly to the Kernel PPA which reflects the reduction the time it takes for the kernel package to respin.

The Infrastructure, Graphics, Kernel, Multimedia, Toolchain, and Validation teams all had updates and new features added into this release which are covered in more detail on the release wiki.

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