Linaro 11.08 - Release response team setup

At Connect Q3.11, we discussed about setting up a release response team, a list
of people being a point of contact in case of issues during the release days
(from RC day to the final day, e.g for Linaro 11.08 August 22nd, 23rd, 24th).

These people could be on duty (online and responsive in 10 minutes) or
on standby (online or offline, can be called, responsive in 1h).

Below, you can find a list of the needed profile:
 * 2 RMs, 1 on duty and 1 on standby to turn over
 * 2 build engineer for each Platform, on duty
 * 2 LEB board testers, on duty
 * 1 LT board (non-LEB) tester, on standby
 * 1 WG liaison, on standby
 * IS members (follow existing process [1])
 * freshleafmedia members

It should cover any issues related to apply fixes, commit to VCS, re-spin,
trigger a build, update, update milestone page, infrastructure.

We can refine this process in case of other critical paths are identified.
The plan is to make a good proactive process when a situation occurs and
escalate to the right persons.

Could you provide your point of contacts for this month release?
Note: Android team excluded here ;) They provided their PoC already


  • document the responsibilities, availability, and methods.
  • IRC and email methods preferred.

Release Manager Team

  • Fathi Boudra (fabo)/David Zinman (dzin)

Android Team

  • Note: shifts are UTC 00-08, 08-16, 16-24
  • 22nd: 1st: Botao Sun (botao) 2nd: Patrik Ryd (patrikryd) 3rd: Frans Gifford (fgiff)
  • 23rd: 1st: Tony Mansson (mansson) 2nd: Frans Gifford (fgiff) 3rd: Bernhard Rosenkränzer (bero)
  • 24th: 1st: Botao Sun (botao) 2nd: Chao Yang (cyang) 3rd: Bernhard Rosenkränzer (bero)

Developer Platform Team

  • Ricardo Salveti (rsalveti)/Tom Gall (tgall_foo)/John Rigby (jcrigby)

Toolchain Working Group

  • Andrew Stubbs (ams_cs)/Ramana Radhakrishnan (ramana)
  • Note: we'll help triage problems but doing a work around in the packaging is much preferred to doing a respin.

Landing Team





i.MX53 Quick Start

Bernhard Rosenkranzer


Botao Sun


Patrik Ryd


Mathieu Poirier


i.MX53 Quick Start

Freescale LT?, Eric Miao?, Paul Liu?


Ricardo Salveti, Samsung LT


Fathi Boudra, Ricardo Salveti, Marcin, John Rigby


Fathi Boudra, John Rigby


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