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  • Audience: Linaro Platform and WG Developers, early adopters

  • Download:

  • Hardware support: OMAP3 (Beagle C3/C4/XM), IGEPV2, Gumstix Overo COMs, ARM Versatile Express (ca9x4_ct_vxp), Efika Netbook and Smarttop, iMX51 (serial console), OMAP4 (serial console), v310 (serial console).

  • Image ID:

    • linaro-n-ubuntu-desktop-tar-20110329-0
  • Milestone: Beta

  • Profile:

    • Linaro Ubuntu Desktop (LEB)
  • Release Cycle: Linaro 11.05



  • Now 10 different boards supported (in our own unique hardware pack and board-neutral rootfs architecture).
  • 4 different images to try.
  • Ubuntu Desktop image with the Unity user interface.
  • 2.6.38 kernel.


Release Progress



Linaro is pleased to announce that the 11.05 Beta Ubuntu images are now
available to download. 

After much blood, sweat and tears we now have a total of 10 different 
boards supported (in our own unique hardware pack and board-neutral 
rootfs architecture) along with a more focused 4 different images to try 
out including the much coveted Ubuntu Unity interface on the Ubuntu Desktop 
image. This is in addition to the small nano image, the tools rich 
Developer image and the ARM Internet Platform (ALIP) image. A 2.6.38 kernel, 
state-of-the-art Linaro toolchain and a whole host of ARM-related 
improvements make for a thrilling release. What are you waiting for, go 
download it now!

As always, if you have supported hardware, as found on: 

please help our initiative by testing the official Linaro Evaluation
Build (LEB):

Ubuntu Desktop:

and our Developer images:



Developer Tools:

As a side note, hwpacks that have an -lt- in their name are outputs from 
the Linaro Landing teams, using some of their components.

Make your way to:

for an explanation on how to test and submit your results to the QA
tracker at:

For an explanation of how to use the qatracker please see:

Linaro Release Manager   |   Platform Project Manager

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