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  • First release based on the Ubuntu Natty release cycle.


  • 652221 - Headless on beagle, beagle XM, does not boot into tty

  • 674090 - locahost cannot be resolved

  • 654884 - linaro-alip doesn't restart xfce session on logout

  • 652226 - reboot from netbook efl gui returns to login screen, but doesn't reboot

Release Progress

  • Work item and progress tracking is not available for the Alpha-1 release.



The Linaro team is pleased to announce the availability of the 11.05
Alpha-1 images. These very early developer images build on the great
work done during the 10.11 cycle and can be downloaded from the
following location:

The images consist of two parts. A hardware pack which can be found
under the ./hwpacks directory contains hardware specific packages such
as the kernel and bootloader. The second part is the rootfs which is
combined with the hardware pack to create a complete image. For
information on how to create an image please see:

More information on Linaro in general and the 11.05 plans can be
found at:

 * Homepage:
 * Wiki:
 * 11.05:

Also subscribe to the important Linaro mailing lists and join our IRC 
channels to stay on top of Linaro developments:

 * Announcements:
 * Development:
 * IRC:
    #linaro on or

For any errata issues please see:

Bug reports for this release should be filed in Launchpad against the 
individual packages that are affected, if a suitable package cannot be 
identified, feel free to assign them to:

Linaro Release Manager 

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