The Core Development Group


The Core Development Group's mission is to help evolve key GNU/Linux upstream technologies across the kernel, power management, security, and virtualization fields. Our members benefit from an open, unified, and coordinated ecosystem that provides them the foundation on which to base their products.

We have long-standing experience submitting code upstream. We develop, improve, and maintain these open-source technologies in tight collaboration with the open-source software communities.


  • Coordinate Core Development engineering teams and provide management support.
  • Interface and coordinate with other Linaro groups and engineering teams.
  • Support Linaro Members at the engineer level (in our areas of expertise).
  • Execute through the Kernel, Power Management, Security and Virtualization engineering teams.

Teams and Roles

The Core Development Group includes four engineering teams:

It is directed by Mike Holmes. Serge Broslavsky is the Project Manager assigned to the Core Development Group.


We are available through IRC on the #linaro channel at For contacting us through mailing lists please check the team’s wiki pages, linked above.


If you are interested in people assigned to each team, roadmaps, methodologies, licenses, code availability etc. please check the different engineering teams pages linked above.

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