Linaro Community Manager

Linaro™ brings together the open source community and the electronics industry to work on key projects, deliver great tools, reduce industry wide fragmentation and provide common foundations for Linux software distributions and stacks to land on. Linaro is funded and resourced from its Core and Club members which include ARM, TI, IBM, Samsung, Freescale and ST-Ericsson. We wish to extend the number of software developers working on aligned projects through the nurturing of a “Linaro Community” that will comprise companies and individuals. The Linaro Community will work on projects aligned to our mission, develop code and ideas, report bugs, enter competitions, suggest improvements, provide documentation as well as working on their own projects using Linaro tools and code.

The role of the Community Manager in this organisation is to create the community through: managing and developing the Community pages and resources; evangalising the Linaro community at technical conferences; developing community projects and competitions; monitoring and assisting with the forum; organising dev board promotions; communicating with the members through regular blogs and IRC channel. There will be regular contact with organisations and companies that wish to align at the Community level.

Key Responsibilities

  • Managing the evolution of the Linaro Community web presence (A web developer will implement for you)
  • Developing content for the Linaro Community e.g. Proposing Community projects and competitions and managing them
  • Organising board promotions with 3rd parties e.g. Digi-Key
  • Evangelizing at technical conferences and seminars
  • Building relationships with organisations and companies that wish to align at the community level
  • Monitoring effectiveness of the Community in progressing Linaro’s mission and suggesting improvements to continuously improve
  • Running the Forum, monitoring and helping where necessary
  • Keeping the Community web pages, content and resources fresh and “live”
  • Developing a 300 strong community that is effective and can scale over time to > 1000

Key skills and attributes

  • Competent engineer (possibly tech marketeer) who can develop the Community concept and implement practically with evolving the web presence develop content and evangelize at tech conferences
  • Ability to create innovative content and run forums, Community projects, Community competitions etc
  • Good communicator e.g. writing tech blogs, building relationships with Community members and liaising with Linaro management
  • Comfortable with online communication and collaboration such as mailing lists, wiki and phone conferences
  • Happy to do some travel e.g. Tech conferences and seminars. Ability to present at conferences a plus (but not essential)

Works with:

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