Linaro Community Contributor Nomination Form

The following information is needed for each Linaro Community Contributor nominee. In addition to a copy of the signed contributor agreement, Tech Leads need to supply the Linaro Community Board with the following information.

Nominee Information

  • Name:
  • IRC Nick
  • Launchpad Account Link:

Tech Lead Recommendation

* Tech Lead Name:

* Team:

* A short paragraph about the nominee that includes: What team or area of the Linaro community that this nominee is active in. What blueprints the nominee has been actively contributing to. Any Linaro Connects the nominee has been involved in. As well as links to any additional information you would like the board to consider.

Please send this information to:

Linaro Community Contributor Agreement

Before the board can consider a nominee a signed copy of the Linaro Community Contributor Agreement (LCCA) must be on file. A copy of each LCCA will kept in a internal googledoc.

Please ask that nominees return the copy as a .jpeg or.png file. This makes it easier to store the documents. The maximum resolution for the image in googledocs is 2000x2000 pixels.

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