Linaro Community Contributors

We are really grateful to the many amazing people working with Linaro. Where that involvement has included sustained contributions over a significant period of time, one of our Technical Leads has the opportunity to nominate the individual as a Community Contributor of Linaro. The benefits of becoming a Community Contributor include:

  • a e-mail address
  • the right to carry Linaro business cards (we supply the artwork, you print your own cards)
  • a special Linaro IRC cloak "@linaro/net"
    • Using the "net" includes the .net email reference, the "network" of contributors reference, and keeps the cloak short and simple
    • Note: No cloak stacking allowed. Remember: "Cloaks aren't badges."

  • listing in the relevant Working Group on our Linaro organisation structure
  • listing in the Launchpad Community Contributors Network Team.

Applying to be a Linaro Community Contributor

You can apply by requesting a nomination from a Linaro Technical Lead (alternately, the Technical Lead may approach you about the application).

You need to first complete and sign our Community Contributor Agreement. The main points are that you agree:

  1. to our e-mail terms of use, including use of your Linaro e-mail for upstream contributions
  2. a copyright and patent licence to Linaro for any code you contribute with that e-mail address

Once that's done, the Technical Lead submits the nomination form and completed Agreement to our Community Board. The nomination will normally describe how you have worked with Linaro, Blueprints you have been involved with and Linaro Connect events you have attended.

The Community Board evaluates all nominations within two weeks and all being well you'll be welcomed as a Community Contributor.

We place a lot of value on having a vibrant network of Community Contributors so this does mean we reserve the right to cancel an appointment at any time if we feel you're not active in using the above benefits.

To find out more about the Linaro community and how to participate please see our community section of


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