The Page describes how to set up the Ubuntu Enterprise server for the Origen board and shares some benchmark results based on Apache bench,TestDFIO,Terasort etc .

Setup Origen Board

Linaro hardware pack can be downloaded from attachment link below.


File system image can be downloaded from Tom Gall's blog

Now linaro media can be created to boot the Origen board using hardware pack and file system image. Linaro media creation is explained in the link

Now board will boot up with the linaro media create.

Setup Ubuntu Enterprise Server and testing benchmark

Now go ahead with setting the Origin board as web server and test the performance of the board.

For this we can take Tom Gall'sblog as reference.

Here is our performance chart performance.jpg

Setting up Hadoop on Ubuntu Enterprise server

Hadoop is an open source software framework that supports data-intensive distributed applications. Hadoop is being used by the likes of Yahoo!, Facebook, Amazon for their data storage requirements.

Steps to setup Hadoop as

1. A single node cluster is listed here

2. A Multi-node cluster is listed here

After starting the services, its time to test using benchmark tools available in Hadoop

Benchmarking Hadoop on Origen

The steps to use the tools are explained here

Below are the results got with a multi-node cluster

1. TestDFIO

     File Read Operation

     No of files       : 10
     Bytes processed   : 1000
     Throughout MB/sec : 9.89

     File write Operation

     No of files       : 10
     Bytes processed   : 1000
     Throughput MB/sec : 4.6

2. Tera-Sort suite

  • These are the results of sorting 10000 rows of 100 byte data.


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