Board Description

The Beagle Board is very low cost versatile development platform (see, for more details).

In comes pre-installed with Ubuntu and Angstrom on two uSD cards. See For safe keeping, it wise to save the content of one of your uSD cards before installing Linaro.

Power Cords and Cables

Overo Image The Beagle Board XM does not come with power cords, serial cables nor HDMI-to-DVI cables. You'll have to get those separately.

  1. Power To The Board.... One can power up this board with a mini-usb cable, however this method does not provide enough power to properly run all peripherals on the board and as such, your kernel can crash and your board will shutoff. The best option is to use a 5V power supply.

  2. Serial Connections The board has a serial connector for debugging purposes. The use of this connector is optional, yet very helpful while debugging system boot up sequences. Connection to this serial port can be via a serial cable attached to your tty port on your laptop and/or desktop, or, a serial to USB cable which attaches to one of the USB ports on your laptop and/or desktop. Important to note, if using the serial to USB cable, you have to also include another serial cable. So serial cable from the beagle board, connects to the serial-to-USB cable and that connects to the USB port on your laptop.

  3. HDMI to DVI Connections The beagle XM board comes with HDMI port and it can be easily run with an LCD supporting DVI. Attaching an HDMI to DVI cable between your board and monitor will suffice.

Altering Images via QEMU

In some cases you may have to alter the image on your sd card prior to booting up your XM board. For instance, in a case when you do not have internet access from your beagle XM board. If this is the case, we have a QEMU how-to that can help.

Known Issues

  1. Some Beagle XM boards have unknown problems with RAM as identified by TI. A board with "round M" on the chip may help identify if your board possibly fits into that category.

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