NOTE: Support for Arndale is no longer provided by Linaro's UEFI builds - the below is kept around for reference.

The Page describes how to set up UEFI for the Arndale board

Tool Chain and Host OS:The code is built and tested on 12.04 host both on 32 bit as well as 64 bit machine.Tool Chain used in Ubuntu/Linaro 4.6.3-8ubuntu1~ppa1.

Board Settings: for board settings.

Quick Method:Setup and Boot enterprise server using UEFI in 5 mins.

Download pre-built image from here. Execute the following commands using a microSD card of size more than 4 GB:

$ tar -zxf arndale-quick-image-uefi.tar.gz
$ sudo dd if=Quick_image of=/dev/sdX bs=512

Then attach card and power ON board.

Detailed Method

Building UEFI for Arndale board with Upstream edk2

1)Clone Upstream edk2 code and build script using the following commands

git clone git://
cd uefi-next
git checkout linaro-tracking-2013.02
cd ..

5)Build the SamsungPlatformPkg using following commands:

git clone git://
cd uefi-next/
unset ARCH
../uefi-tools/ arndale

If you see this error:

GenFvInternalLib.c:26:23: fatal error: uuid/uuid.h: No such file or directory compilation terminated.

then do a

sudo apt-get install uuid-dev

Flashing UEFI for Arndale board to a microSD card for microSD booting

6) Connect a micro SD card in a card reader and find the partition name using the command


7)Flash the micro SD card using the command

cd SamsungPlatformPkg/Apps/Tools/mkbl2/
./ --disk /dev/sdX
  • X can be found based on (6)
  • can also take a "--image <filename>" parameter to specifiy the file to burn, eg. to use a binary downloaded from

Note:The file may have to be edited with the correct path for .fd file.

7)Create a fat partition and copy the uImage and dtb blob from using the kernel build procedure.

8)Create another partition and put the Ubuntu file system there.Then switch on the board ,UEFI will automatically detect the partitions and boot the kernel.

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