Linux Linaro CI Process

Daily builds in Jenkins

There are 7 active jobs at the moment:

  • linux-linaro-tracking tree (aka llt tree) based:
    • linux-linaro-tracking-llt-branch_origen-exynos4 (uses exynos4_defconfig provided by Samsung LT)

    • linux-linaro-tracking-llt-branch_panda-omap4 (uses omap4plus_defconfig provided by TI LT)

    • linux-linaro-tracking-llt-branch_vexpress-a9 (uses vexpress_defconfig)
  • linux-linaro tree (aka ll tree) based:
    • linux-linaro-tracking_origen-exynos4
    • linux-linaro-tracking_beagle-omap2plus (uses omap2plus_defconfig as it comes from the llct tree)

    • linux-linaro-tracking_panda-omap2plus (uses omap2plus_defconfig as it comes from the llct tree)

    • linux-linaro-tracking_vexpress-a9 (uses ubuntu_vexpress_defconfig created from config fragments - see the last git commit description for the details)

Snowball is not yet supported in llt and ll trees. And at the moment Panda is supported by the TI LT in the llt tree only - that's why the linux-linaro build for Panda uses the community version of the defconfig (there is no omap4plus_defconfig in the ll tree).

Each successful build triggers lava_hwpack_submit_success job which creates a hwpack with the kernel just built and submits it to LAVA. In LAVA the kernel is boot tested, and then ltp and pwrmgmt tests are executed.

Kernel CI view in LAVA

The summary of the LAVA test results is shown in the kernel CI view.

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