Wiki Update Plan

Changes will start on January 23, 2012. With the goal of getting Alternate Front Page view and Android Team updated before Linaro Connect.

Plan includes

  • Updating theme to match new website once website launches
  • Using the Android Team page to create a Team Landing page (2nd level pages)
  • Create a wiki server move meeting minutes over to this server and provide link to these on the Team Landing Pages
  • Create Templates for Teams to use, first draft

    • - Moves lists to their own page and makes the list available for cross-reference on other pages - Update the "How To" page to cross reference Team How To's.
  • Created an alternate Front Page or That references 2nd level pages in a TOC like manner.
  • Review all wiki pages and identify which pages need to be deprecated or deleted.
  • Create guidelines for wiki maintenance

Other Items from Wiki Survey

It was noticed that there is no one area that people know they can do to for Linaro News. Would like to change that in 2 steps.

  1. Created a monthly newsletter (this serves to take a snapshot of the shape of the Linaro community on a monthly bases. As the community and Linaro grow the frequency may need to be changed.
  2. Create a Linaro Branded News site (similar to the Ubuntu Fridge - this two can be expanded as the community grows.
    • - Create list of newsletter options present to Andy, Joey and Steve. Finalize at LCQ1.12 - Create private mock-up of a news site present to Andy, Joey, Steve.Finalize at LCQ2.12

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